New Release +Spotlight: Crystallum by Laney McMann



Title: Crystallum

Author: Laney McMann

Genre: YA Fantasy

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About the Book

Kadence Sparrow wasn’t born a devil’s child—she was turned into one. Now, she’s hiding from the truth, and running for her life.

For years, Kade’s true nature has lurked behind an illusion, so when her dad gets another job transfer, she knows the drill: no close friends, no boyfriends, and most importantly: don’t expose what she is. Ever. Keeping secrets is easy. Lies are second nature. So is the loneliness—and the fear, but when the Shadows attack, and Kade meets Cole Spires, she could expose everything she’s trying to hide.

As one of the Celestial Children, Cole lives by an oath: defend the Ward, protect the Primordial race, guard the gateways, and stick to his own. Everything else is a distraction, and besides, he’s lost enough. Cole’s job is clear, and no one his age does it better. So, when he meets Kade in a club downtown, he assumes she just wants his attention. Most girls do, but Cole soon realizes … Kade isn’t like most girls.

The children of heaven and hell are living among us, fighting an age-old war. And falling for someone from the opposition is not an option. But a chance encounter between Kade and Cole will blur the rules, as Kade’s journey to keep her truth hidden catapults them together and into a web of lies, forcing her to not only face the demon inside her, but to answer the hardest question of all.

Which is thicker—blood or water?

LaneyAbout the Author

Laney McMann is the author of The Fire Born Novels (TIED, TORN, & TRUE) and The Primordial Principles series (CRYSTALLUM, book #1 ~ Fall 2015).

She is the product of very creative parents and the most imaginative grandmother ever. With an untapped passion for the supernatural and all things magical, her voracious appetite for reading fantasy started really young ~ and so did her love of words.

She writes young adult dark urban fantasy novels mixed with a spike of romance, a hint of history, a dash of mythology, and lots of paranormal.

On the non-writing side of life, Laney is a former classical dancer, music snob, chef, and a right-brained thinker to a fault. When she’s not dreaming up new dead ends to torture herself with, she spends her time running.

Laney is published by J. Taylor Publishing and Booktrope Publishing.

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Book Review: Hometown Hoax by Heather Thurmeier

TheHometownHoax_500Release date: November 16th 2016

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Source: Netgalley


Leaving was hard, but staying away might be impossible. 

Tessa Cutter escaped her tiny hometown and chased her artistic dreams straight to Manhattan. Now she’s home for a camping trip with her family. To keep them off her back, she makes up the perfect pretend boyfriend–successful, important, and most of all, permanently located in New York.

Logan Ridley lost everything when his Manhattan-based personal training studio shut down. Luckily, a friend got him a position as a gym teacher in the small town of Cutter’s Creek. He’s heard a lot about the infamous Tessa, but she’s even better than he imagined. Except, she seems to hate everything about the small town he’s growing to love.

The chemistry sparking between them is impossible to ignore, but falling for Logan will trap Tessa in the small town she worked so hard to escape. If they have any hope of a future together, he’ll have to convince her that everything she wants has been in Cutter’s Creek all along…

The Review

This is the second book I have read from this author and just like the first one I surely was not disappointed.

The story is mostly about Tessa Cutter who left her tiny hometown Cutter’s Creek to chase her dream of becoming a famous artist in the big city of New York. Things are not going as she planned but she is not quite ready to give it up especially as her family keeps trying to get her to move back to her hometown. And for this reason on her camping trip with her family she has created the perfect New York pretend boyfriend. On her way to Cutter’s Creek Tessa did not know she would meet Logan in a minor accident which really did not set them off on a great start. Logan who has lost everything when the big health chains forced him to shut down his personal training studio is new to Cutters creek and is trying to start his life all over again. Under the circumstances there is some tension between Tessa and Logan and it gets worse when she discovers that Logan was invited to her family camping trip by Tessa’s brother in-law. This means that Tessa is forced to see Logan every day for the duration of the trip but its not all bad as she knows there is some chemistry between them but she wont admit it.
As the chemistry and attraction grows it seems Tessa might soon crack about her make believe boyfriend but also can she truly find her happiness if she moves back to Cutter’s Creek.
What did I like ? One word….everything! This book had me hooked from the first page and as the story progresses I just couldn’t help myself as I am a sucker for romance. There was just enough of everything to make me love the story. I liked Tessa and Logan, it was awesome seeing how their friendship grew to become so much more. This makes me agree with the fact that the special person in your life should be your friend first, nothing wrong if they aren’t. Maybe they will become your friend later? Don’t ever listen to me about relationship advice, I really suck at it. There was also just enough steam to keep me wanting more. This book had me wishing I could sit and appreciate such scenery as described by the author.
The story says a lot about friendships, love and family. And it also shows that it doesn’t matter where you settle or live as long as you can pursue your dreams and be with the one you love. I am doing my best not to give spoilers so I’ll stop there and give this a hefty 5 stars!

Book Blitz : Mist by Maureen A. Miller



Mist by Maureen A. Miller (Blue Link Series  #2)
Release date: 16th November 2015
Genre: Romantic suspense


About the Book

A mysterious footlocker washes up on Livvy McKay’s shore. Minutes after recovering it she is assaulted by an intruder. Wounded and unable to give chase, she is startled by a knock at the front door. A stranger is looking to rent a boat from her business, McKAY’S CHARTERS. Livvy doesn’t believe in coincidences. Especially when the stranger is wearing black−just like her assailant.

Jack Morell is a desperate man. After receiving a cryptic phone call from his uncle−a call spiked with the sound of gunfire in the background, he is frantic to locate his uncle’s ship. Warned to use discretion, Jack opts to rent a boat from McKAY’S CHARTERS for his search.

A defiant Livvy grills Jack, but deems that he is not her assailant. In fact, she learns that the trunk belongs to his uncle. Together, they uncover its contents, and now they are being hunted.

Someone doesn’t want the world to know what is in that trunk. Someone who is well-connected.

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As she faced Jack, her breath hitched. Under the stark glow from the hanging lantern his features were beveled in shadows. Author? Scientist? Not damn likely. Not with that countenance. Not with the taut command he held over his body. He was a muscular animal coiled and ready for attack−and certainly a better weapon to have around than the lobster buoy.“Will a pork chop and salad do?” she rasped.

The creature unwound and rose to approach her. “Yes,” he said. “But there is something we have to do first.”

In the tight confines of the kitchen, he literally had her boxed up against the counter. Gripping the granite edge she felt her elbow nudge a cookie jar.

“Wh−what’s that?”

He leaned in. My God, was he going to choke her−or kiss her? Why was her heart pounding like a base drum? And why was she not shoving him away?

Jack’s arm slid past her hip to haul open the freezer door. A waft of frigid air tickled her nose as he drew out an ice tray.

“We have to put ice on that eye.”

Popping a few cubes onto a kitchen towel, he rolled the cloth up and gently pressed it to her face. Helplessly, she stared up into his eyes. So much turmoil and intensity lurked there. That maelstrom sucked her in. Hell, it stimulated her. She wanted to launch her arms around his neck and smash her body against this rugged vista. But no−she was paralyzed. And surely she was delusional



Win a $25 Amazon Digital Gift Card and e-copies of SHADOW

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.39.31


About the Author

I’m an avid Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan, which means I’m a masochist. I will eat anything with mozzarella on it. I’m still mourning the fact that Buffy is gone. I write because I like the power. In life we have so little control. When I write, I have total control of my character’s fates. Ahhh, the power rush! LOL

I truly believe that I was a soul singer in my former life, which is interesting because I can’t sing. But man, I can do a mean lip-syncing rendition of Midnight Train To Georgia! 🙂

USA TODAY bestselling author, Maureen A. Miller’s first novel, WIDOW’S TALE, earned her a Golden Heart nomination in Romantic Suspense. Working in the software industry for fifteen years in a job that required extensive travel, Maureen chose to write during those lengthy airport layovers—escapism at its best. She is currently in the middle of a 3-book Romantic Suspense series featuring SHADOW, MIST, and DUSK.

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Free eBook : The Soul Thief by Majanka Verstraete

The Soul Thief FREE from November 9 to November 14 


Title: The Soul Thief (Angel of Death Series #1)

Author: Majanka Verstraete

Genre: YA Fantasy / Paranormal


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About the Book

When sixteen-year-old Riley is injured in a car crash and sees a girl stealing a boy’s soul, she’s convinced she’s hallucinating. But when she sees the same girl at the hospital later, she knows she wasn’t dreaming. That’s when Riley learns her secret heritage and who she really is: a halfling Angel of Death. Riley must come to terms with her new reality and supernatural abilities, but before she can do this, girls her age start dying in mysterious circumstances. It’s up to Riley to figure out why, what the innocent victims have in common, and what she can do to stop them from dying.

majankaAbout the Author

Majanka Verstraete begged her Mom to teach her how to read while she was still in kindergarten. By the time she finished fifth grade, she had read through the entire children’s section of her hometown library. She wrote her first story when she was seven years old, and hasn’t stopped writing since. With an imagination that never sleeps, and hundreds of possible book characters screaming for her attention, writing is more than a passion for her. She writes about all things supernatural for children of all ages. She’s tried to write contemporary novels before, but something paranormal always manages to crawl in. Majanka is currently studying for her Master of Laws degree, and hopes one day to be able to combine her passions for law and writing. When she’s not writing, reading or studying, she likes watching “The Vampire Diaries” and “Game of Thrones,” spending time with her friends, or playing “World of Warcraft.”

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Debut Author of the Month : Eliza Nolan


While I know writing an awesome book that readers out there will love is hard work, I also think its great to recognise new authors who are writing fantastic stories.

And this month we caught up with debut author Eliza Nolan about her book Phoenix Awakens.

smElizaAbout the Author

Eliza Nolan was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She lived in Charleston, South Carolina, for a few years, after which she returned to icy Minnesota – where she now lives with her two unruly cats in a house smaller than your closet.

She is an avid reader and writer of YA. She has ghostwritten a novel or two, but also writes her own stuff, and is finally publishing her debut young adult urban fantasy novel, Phoenix Awakens.

Author Links

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The Interview

Thank you for having me on your blog. It’s an honor to be here.
1.    What was your inspiration for Phoenix Awakens?

I’ve always been fascinated by secret societies, so I wanted to write a story about a secret society that had some dark, cult qualities. I wondered what would happen if a high school student got involved in a secret society. I also wanted the main character to be a female who needed to become her own hero. With those elements, the rest of the story really came out as I wrote it. Sometimes I didn’t know where the characters were going until I was in the middle of the scene writing.

2.     Why did you decide to write YA?

Because I love that time in life. Young adults often deal with adult situations that can be complex, dramatic, and very real. Meanwhile they still have that young imagination where anything is possible (even magic). YA is filled with creativity and possibility, and that combination is so much fun to work with.…

3.      Who was your favorite character in the book and why?

It depends on the day. I really like the heroin, Julia. I loved going on the journey with her. But I think Samantha was the most fun to watch change as I went through revisions. As the story developed, she ended up becoming so contrary to almost everything I imagined. One minute I would think I’d figured her out, and the next she would surprise me by doing something totally contrary to what I thought she would do.

4.       Do you read much? And if you do who are your favourite authors?

I love reading! However, picking a favorite author seems impossible, so I’ll just list a bunch. 😉 I grew up on Stephen King and still like his stories. I also really loved Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight. I devoured Cast’s House of Night series. I also appreciate Cassandra Clare and Maggie Stiefvater.

5.        What do you do when you are not writing?

A blind date asked me this once and my brain froze. Inside I was thinking, “Why wouldn’t I be writing?”

But seriously, I love reading (of course). Oh, I’m a big The Walking Dead fan, so I’ll watch that with friends. I like running, even though I’m slower than anyone else out there. I also spend a ridiculous amount of time on Twitter.

6.     Can you share a little of what we can expect in the sequel to Phoenix Awakens?

It’s only in its early outlining/drafting stages, so this is a tricky one to answer without giving anything away, but I’ll try. Julia is in for a big trip in search of her mother, and answers. Istanbul, get ready for Julia Long!

Phoenix Awakens is now available to buy

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Release date: 12th October 2015

Publisher: Createspace

Julia never believed in magic.

Julia Long is starting her senior year with an extra dose of crazy. The dreams of cultish, bloody rituals are weird enough, but the victim in her lifelike dreams is her new classmate, Southern charmer Graham.

Graham admits he was a Phoenix — part of a centuries old secret society — but swears he left it all behind.

As Julia works with Graham to figure out why she is dreaming about his past, she’s discovering she has other abilities. She heals Graham’s migraines with a touch, and there’s her superhuman strength that comes and goes. Julia doesn’t know where her new talents come from, but there’s no denying that when Graham is near, her powers kick into overdrive.
But the Phoenix Society wants Graham back. They need his blood to awaken the magic they seek, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Can Julia uncover the truth behind her connection to Graham? How far will Julia go in order to save Graham and stop the Phoenixes from harnessing this powerful magic?


Read the Review Here

Blog Tour : Portia by Christina Bauer

portia banner


Release date : 27th October 2015

Series: Angelbound Offspring

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

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About the book

Unlike her famous older brother Maxon, Princess Portia isn’t known for killing demons or attracting admirers. The reason why is simple: a spell was cast on Portia, and the magic has marked her to one day transform into a dreaded Void demon. To fight this horrible fate, Portia’s spent her life hiding in libraries and learning magic. But when the Void demons threaten to destroy all the after-realms—and the handsome dragon Emperor Tempest offers his help—then Portia suspects that her future holds more than just a demonic metamorphosis. Fate is calling the bookworm princess onto the battlefield, and it’s a fight against both deadly enemies and her heart’s desires.


Chapter One
I am so late.
My heart beats at double speed while I rush up the staircase to the Ryder mansion. After pulling open the fancy wooden door, I step inside a large and empty foyer. Well, it’s almost empty. The President of Purgatory is waiting for me. Not good. Even worse, her mouth is pressed into a thin and frustrated line. No question why she’s unhappy. My lecture on Magic Across The After-Realms should’ve started twenty minutes ago.
“Portia, you’re finally here,” she sighs. “We were getting frantic.”
The President’s known for being tough on crime, graft, and well, everything really. But she’s also my grandmother. When it comes to family, Gram’s a softie who worries like crazy. I should know, being a softie myself. I give her a quick peck on the cheek. “So sorry, Gram. I got caught up.”
Gram’s tail sways warily over her right shoulder. No shock, there. Every quasi-demon in Purgatory has a tail. Gram’s variety is long and black with an arrowhead-shaped end and a mind of its own. Currently, that mind totally suspects that I’m up to something.
Good suspicion, actually.
“What are you working on this time?” asks Gram. “Is it dangerous magic? Please tell me you’re being safe.”
“No, it’s not dangerous at all,” I say.
Which isn’t entirely true.
My cheeks redden with guilt, but I can’t exactly admit that I was up all night trying to track Void demons by casting spells with an enchanted canopic jar. It’s super-tricky stuff. I could’ve ended up with a Void demon in my living room, and I’m not what you call battle-hardy.

Character Bio’s


Unlike her famous older brother Maxon, Princess Portia isn’t known for killing demons or attracting admirers. The reason why is simple: a spell was cast on Portia, and the magic has marked her to one day transform into a dreaded Void demon. To fight this horrible fate, Portia’s spent her life hiding in libraries and learning magic. But when the Void demons threaten to destroy all the after-realms—and the handsome dragon Emperor Tempestportia and Tempest offers his help—then Portia suspects that her future holds more than just a demonic metamorphosis. Fate is calling the bookworm princess onto the battlefield, and it’s a fight against both deadly enemies and her heart’s desires.

I made a scrapbook of inspiration pictures for PORTIA which you can see here:



Tempest is the Emperor of the Furor, a race of dragon shifters who have special powers over the deadly sins of lust and wrath. His father, Chimera, was a bloodthirsty tyrant who wanted to rid his land of anyone but pure-blooded Furor. Chimera planned to kill Tempest, but was defeated in battle before he got the chance. After Chimera’s fall, Tempest rose to power to became not only be accepting of Furorling, but to welcome them to his lands as well. Still, Tempest the Emperor embraced his powers over lust and wrath. He’s known for constantly taking new lovers. However, those closest to him have recently noticed a change in the Emperor. Is he getting ready to chose his Rhana, what dragons call their life mate? Or has the choice already been made long ago?

I made a scrapbook of inspiration pictures for TEMPEST which you can see here:

The Review  ★★★★★

Angelbound was one of the first YA series I read and as I have read every book in the series, I cant deny that it is a favorite of mine.

This is book 2 of the Angelbound offspring series and trust me the series is getting better. I had read Maxxon earlier this year and though I loved it I think I loved Portia more.

So Portia is the daughter of Myla and Lincoln and at a young age she was marked to fulfill her duty of maintaining the firmament of the after world or become a void demon. So she spends all her time in the library learning as much magic as she can to locate the firmament and destroy the demonic spell that has plagued her life. But when the after realms come under attack by void demons Portia is force to get onto the battlefield to fight and in the midst of it, Tempest the oh so sexy dragon Emperor offers to help. Portia has no experience with the opposite sex but the connection she feels with Tempest is so intense she cant help but be drawn to him. It seems there is a lot that Tempest is also not telling Portia about why he is helping her on her quest to heal the after realms. But now its up to Portia and Tempest to work as a team to restore what the void demons are destroying.

What I liked? Every page of this book was just awesomely amazing. I read this book in 1 day and that was because the story was just that awesome. I really liked Portia, she was not a whiney character but I quite liked her attitude and also the comments she has in her dead when she thinks she is being quite dorky. Did I mention how much I love Tempest? He was just the most awesome hot and sexy male character. I mean I liked Lincoln in the previous books but hey Tempest is my fav right now. Loved the way everything developed between T and Portia, I knew it would happen but I am such a hopeless romantic that it was so sweet reading how it developed.

I only realized half way through the book that Potia didn’t also inherit the ability to take over from Myla with the Igni so does this mean there is another offspring coming up? Or does it mean someone else with inherit the igni….. so many questions.

All in a fantastic new addition to the angelbound series, I just wish it didtn have to end. Please, please, please read it, you will THANK me later!

ChristinaAbout the Author

Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. An avowed girl geek, Christina loves creating immersive fantasy worlds with action, adventure, romance, and kick-ass female protagonists. As part of her work in Ink Monster, Christina has co-developed the ‘Heroine’s Journey,’ a blueprint for telling female myths inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and golden retriever Ruby.

Author Links

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Top Ten YA books you shouldn’t be without this fall 2015

Summer is over and the weather is changing. You know what this means right? Cosy nights are just around the corner. Its time to stock up on fabulous books to keep you warm while you sip that hot chocolate this autumn.

  1. Queen of the shadows by Sarah S. J Mass

The 4th book in the breathtaking throne of Glass series, trust me if you thought the previous books did not live up to their expectations; you will not be disappointed with this one.

Queen of shadows

  1. Endgame – Sky Key

The sequel to the awesome End games: The calling.


  1. Ten Thousand Skies above you

Book 2 in the Firebird series, and the cover is simply mesmerizing. If you haven’t read book 1, I think this is the time to do so.


  1. The White Rose

If you enjoyed The Selection then I have a feeling you will love this one. Book 2 in the Lone City series.

The White Rose

  1. Glass Sword

Ok so I know you are just as excited as I am about this one. It is meant to be superbly awesome.

GLass Sword

  1. The Iron Warrior

Book 3 in the Iron Fey : Call of the Forgotten series.


  1. Six of Crows

Now this is a series that shows some really great promise. And I can tell it will be the most talked about in the months ahead.


  1. The Rose Society

Book 2 in the Young Elite series

The Rose Society

  1. Winter

Part of the Luna Chronicles series


  1. The Winner’s Crime

Book 2 in the Winner’s Trilogy


Blog Tour Stop + Review: The Reckoning (The Gates Legacy Series #4) by Lorenz Font

cool TWCS logo



Book 4 of The Gates Legacy Series


Release Date: 4th June 2015

Publisher: The Writers Coffee Shop

Genre: Fiction / Romance / Paranormal



The vampires of New York City are breathing easier after the demise of the tyrannical former head of the Vampire Council, Goran. Under Rohnert, the revered and newly ascended leader, their future looks promising. However, an unknown enemy is manipulating events, killing humans and vampires alike, and exposing their secrets to the human world.

This is bad news for new vampire Cyrus and his band of fighters at Tack Enterprises. Events derail his plans to find Zane, the sadistic vampire who tortured Cyrus and forced immortality on him. Armed with hatred deep in his bones,11214177_699625673498474_7383337547356939759_n all Cyrus cares about is getting even, and Zane has it coming. Cyrus soon finds himself torn between the crippling desire for revenge and his responsibility to his friends. When he begins to spend time in the company of the beautiful and pureblooded vampire, Isidora, her presence in his life makes him rethink his priorities.

Isidora is able to read minds. The thoughts she hears from the respected and irresistible vampire, Cyrus, are filled with both anger towards Zane and a deep admiration for her. Being closeted all her life, Issy has no idea what to do in the face of the outside world’s war, death, and challenges. One thing is clear. She craves Cyrus, but his need for vengeance is clouding his mind. After discovering a previously hidden family member and being called to serve the Council, Issy is at a crossroads in her life and struggles to find the right path.

Both vampires face tough choices. Should Issy pursue her feelings for Cyrus or wait until he can return her affection? Will Cyrus deny his attraction to Isidora so he can kill the man who made his life a living hell on earth? Every decision leads to a reckoning.


From the start of this series I just knew that this is more than you average vampire story. The author introduced a delightful spin in a genre that was over saturated and I absolutely loved it. Character development in each book is awesome that you actually start to feel and understand the characters.

Now in book 4 Goran and his world is finally defeated and I know what you are thinking right? I never thought it could happen but that is just how badass Harrow and his crew are. But even with Goran gone there is always someone else who wants the power and a former council member will stop at nothing to get it. Rhonet now heads up the council and trying to rebuild as much as he can to protect the vampires left.

The story this time focuses Cyrus,who is now a vampire wants revenge as he feels the life of a vampire has been forced upon him. And Isadora who can read minds is determined to become Cyrus’ mate but with the turmoil Cyrus is dealing with she might have to make a choice between staying with or leaving the man she loves.

There are more characters introduced in this book which means there is room for more books in the future (Woot Woot!!!)

This book like all others in the series will keep on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the very end. If you want a real vampire story with depth and everything else inbetween then I suggest you pick up this one.


With Isidora in his arms, Cyrus found comfort from the torture of his nightmares and his past. The warmth of her touch and the sweetness of her kisses made him think of nothing but the present and the desire he had long denied.

11203043_697474750380233_423588790353345754_nCyrus had no idea how to take things between them. He had given her rough sex because he had been a jealous ass. If he’d been thinking clearly, he wouldn’t have done it. Yet he had given in to the intense need to possess her. Maybe, if he took things slow and started from the beginning, he could make do with the little kisses and touching. However, the tenting inside his pants was a cause for concern. It didn’t take long for her to notice.

Issy broke their kiss and smiled up at him. She had that gleam in her eyes, the kind that told him she knew what he was thinking. He rotated his hips, trying to create room between their bodies, but she refused to let him go.

“This is a good time to see if we can work things out.”

“Damn it,” Cyrus muttered. Was he ready? The answer was out of his hands. With the massive wood he was sporting, even a long dip in an icebox wouldn’t chill him out. His body needed Issy, and there was no doubt she wanted him, too.

“Cy, you can take charge of everything. We’ll go at your pace and on your terms. I’m here to enjoy the ride.”

This made him smile. “Even if the ride is bumpy?”

“As long as I’m with you.” She tightened her arms around his waist. “I don’t care how rough, how easy—just take me with you.”


Book Trailer


About the Author

Lorenz Font discovered her love of writing after reading a celebrated novel that inspired one idea after another. She is currently enjoying the buzz from her vampire novels Hunted, Tormented and Ascension, Books 1-3 of The Gates Legacy Series, Feather Light, an erotic romance, Indivisble Line, a romance thriller and Pieces of Broken Time, a military romance.

Lorenz’s perfect day consists of writing and lounging on her garage couch, aka the office, with a glass of her favorite cabernet while listening to her ever-growing music collection. She enjoys dabbling in different genres, with an intense focus on angst and the redemption of flawed characters. Her fascination with romantic twists is a mainstay in all her stories.

Lorenz lives in California with her husband, children, and two demanding dogs. She divides her time between her full-time job and her busy writing schedule.

Author Links





Cover Reveal: Fast, Fresh, and Hot by Eliza Madison

I am so delighted to be part of this gorgeous cover reveal. And yes the cover does suggest a lot of steam for this novella.
And now onto the reason we are here…

The Cover

Fast, Fresh, and Hot by Eliza Madison 
(Men At Work, #1) 
Release date: June 29th 2015 
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
About the Book

Fantasy guys were supposed to remain anonymous. They were supposed to be nothing more than pretty faces. I didn’t have time for real.

Even though she’s ordered 4 pizzas this week, Becca Dahl’s interested less in spicy sausage and more in the smoking eye candy provided by her hot delivery guy, Tariq. It’s not supposed to amount to anything, but when he proposes a co-ed study break, the sex is hotter than she expected. They both want it to last more than one night, but Becca doesn’t have time for a relationship. She’s got to finish grad school with honors if she’s ever going to earn her dad’s praise. But when Tariq’s kisses light her up brighter than the Bat Signal, she can’t help but say yes to another date.

As they spend more time together out of bed, Becca starts to see the man behind the pizza box. They find a connection deeper than their mutual love of comic books and nerdy movie quotes. Tariq shares pieces of himself and he sees through Becca’s façade to the pain she’s kept hidden for years. Her resolve to hold him at arm’s length starts crumbling. But when Tariq shows up at her graduation, setting off her overbearing father, can he convince her that when it comes to a relationship, they’ve got what it takes to deliver?

Disclaimer: Fast, Fresh and Hot delivers chocolate that melts on your hand, not in your mouth, Batman tattoos, angry shower sex, 80s movie references, and a lifetime supply of sexy pizza boy. And lots of steamy, delicious sex.

Pre-Order it Here


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Review: Soul Scorched (Dark Kings #6) by Donna Grant

Soul scorchedRelease date: 30th June 2015
Publisher: St Martins Press
Source: Netgalley



Born on the Isle of Skye, Darcy is a beautiful woman of many gifts. Fortune-telling is her forte, and she remains the only Druid who could unlock the secrets—and desires—of a Dragon King. His name is Warrick. And now that Darcy’s seen into his dragon heart, nothing will ever be the same…

Warrick never intended to put Darcy in harm’s way. But ever since she revealed a shocking truth, Darcy has been hunted by the Dark Fae, who want to use her powers for their own evil purposes. Now it’s up to Warrick to do whatever it takes to keep the woman who sets his soul on fire safe. But protecting Darcy means putting himself—and his entire race—in jeopardy. Is his desperate longing for one woman worth the risk of losing everything…for eternity?

My Review

I got an arc copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review of this book. I honestly did not know that this is book 6 in the series of the Dark Kings. Continue reading “Review: Soul Scorched (Dark Kings #6) by Donna Grant”