#Fun Fact Friday: The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English


Happy Friday! I guess the weekend is on the horizon but first here is another infographic that you just might love. Now the words sound great, wish I could say the same about what they mean. Halcyon being a new fave of mine….



Fun Fact Friday: 30 Inspirational Quotes


Heeyyyy! #Funfactfriday is back again, and this week I have 30 Inspirational quotes from fictional teachers and mentors. Happy reading!


infographic courtesy of Playground Equipment

Fun Fact Friday : 10 Fictional Characters Based on Real People


Happy Friday! Here is another fun infographic brought to you courtesy of the team at Visualistan

Sometimes you never can tell who has inspired the magical characters that appear in classic stories.

Fun Fact Friday : Book and Dessert Pairing Guide


Hai! Its been a fairly busy week and I have just been lazy to blog can you tell?

In the spirit of the Great British Bake Off season, I present you with this awesome infographic courtesy of Shari’s Berries

Fun Fact Friday : Day Jobs That Inspired Famous Authors


Hey Book lovers! here’s another fun infographic I found. Sometimes its great to know some of the history and inspiration behind today’s famous authors. Infographic proved courtesy of adzuna.com


Fun Fact Friday: 20 Authors Who Wrote Under a Pseudonym


It’s Friday again! And I want to apologise as I have been so super lazy this week. I promise I will go back to blogging as soon as possible. In the mean time check out the infographic below courtesy of Love Reading.


Fun Fact Friday: 15 Books With More Characters Than You Can Keep track Of


Happy Friday everyone! Here are more fun facts for you. Also let me know what you think of these great infographics.


Infographic courtesy of Lovereading.co.uk

Fun Fact Friday : 34 Compelling First Lines of Famous Books


So its Friday again and I have done a crap job of blogging this week. What is my excuse?…….. wait for it………NOTHING.

Have a great weekend

34 Compelling First Lines of Famous Books - Scribendi.com - Infographic