Poetry Corner

Love At it’s Purest

The world is the background like in the scene of a play,

You are the actor and the Hero to save the day!

I the damsel, the one you wish to save from the clutches of evil in the enemy cave.

Can you simply see that nothing in this world can ever come between you and me,

That time stands still every time we kiss.

That the world can be destroyed but all that remains is you and me.

How else can I tell you that it is you I need? Perhaps I will search an archive or a dictionary

But I know words alone cannot do the deed but LOVE and TIME which, is all we need.

The earth will tremble and the trees will shake for it has never experienced love this great,

A love so pure that cannot be a mistake, a union that only God can make.

I see it every time I look in your eyes, the truth without any deceit or lies.

It’s your smile, touch and your kiss; I even see it when you lick your lips.

We have the world within our reach, lets take it on together and fulfil our dreams,

We’ll still have times for romance on the beach, what a simple life of LOVE we live.

Loving you is like a dream come true so I hope I spend eternity with you.

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