About Me

Welcome to the Angelspearl! I finally took the plunge and created this blog to share my own opinion on my book reading journey with a sprinkle of photography.IMG-20121126-WA000

I don’t always like to talk about myself so real quick; I am a workaholic, a wife, a worshipper of the most high God, I love to sing and cook although I won’t be sharing any of that here (lucky you) . I’m very passionate about reading and I always like to share my take on the book I am reading, sometimes it can be classed as over sharing…. I am very new to blogging so be very gentle with me.

Thank you for visiting and please leave a comment as I always want to hear what you think!

Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. First, what a cool site. Very nice. And now, thanks so much for putting my guest post on your blog. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Like you, I’m new to all this, so your assistance is greatly appreciated. By the way, when I did the first blog on my website (several months ago), I used almost the exact wording you used in yours, asking my readers to be gentle with me. So far, they have. I’ll definitely be “following” you now, and not just because you posted “Grammar Sex” (well, a little because of that), but mostly because your website looks like a fun place to visit. Again, thanks so much!
    Bob Germaux

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