Review Policy / Requests

Important Information

Due to the volume of review requests I have received, I am unable to accept any new requests at this time. I apologise for the inconvenience.  Any requests already sent to me prior to 5th April 2017 will be responded to accordingly.

Authors and Publishers please fill out the form or e-mail review requests to

Please Note: I am passionate about reading (and most times reviewing). This is not a job and I will not treat it as such.  I am happy to accept books for review however, please consider the following information before sending a request

  • I’m always glad to hear from authors, publishers, agents, etc about new books, however I cannot guarantee that I will accept every review request.
  • I will only accept a review request if I am genuinely interested in the concept of a book, however, I WILL respond to every inquiry whether I am interested or not.
  • With the exception of those acquired through Netgalley, I only accept electronic ARCs, but in most cases I might be inclined to accept print formats. I prefer kindle format of eBooks but I will also be happy to accept epubs.
  • If I accept your review request, a review of your book will appear on my blog provided I am able to finish it.
  • In addition to my blog, I also will post a review on GoodReads.
  • I cannot always guarantee a favourable review, but I will be honest, respectful and fair.
  • After I have posted my review, I will email you and provide a direct link.
  • If for some reason (but rarely) I DNF your novel, I will email you directly why. I do not rate or review books that I haven’t finished. I will however add it to my DNF shelf on Goodreads and state reason I did not finish. Again I am honest and fair.

I am genuinely interested in reviewing:

  • YA Dystopian
  • YA Fantasy
  • Sci Fi
  • Paranormal (except Horror)
  • Romance

Genre’s I am not interested in

  • Non- fiction
  • Horror
  • Crime/ Thrillers


Thank you!