Top Ten YA books you shouldn’t be without this fall 2015

Summer is over and the weather is changing. You know what this means right? Cosy nights are just around the corner. Its time to stock up on fabulous books to keep you warm while you sip that hot chocolate this autumn.

  1. Queen of the shadows by Sarah S. J Mass

The 4th book in the breathtaking throne of Glass series, trust me if you thought the previous books did not live up to their expectations; you will not be disappointed with this one.

Queen of shadows

  1. Endgame – Sky Key

The sequel to the awesome End games: The calling.


  1. Ten Thousand Skies above you

Book 2 in the Firebird series, and the cover is simply mesmerizing. If you haven’t read book 1, I think this is the time to do so.


  1. The White Rose

If you enjoyed The Selection then I have a feeling you will love this one. Book 2 in the Lone City series.

The White Rose

  1. Glass Sword

Ok so I know you are just as excited as I am about this one. It is meant to be superbly awesome.

GLass Sword

  1. The Iron Warrior

Book 3 in the Iron Fey : Call of the Forgotten series.


  1. Six of Crows

Now this is a series that shows some really great promise. And I can tell it will be the most talked about in the months ahead.


  1. The Rose Society

Book 2 in the Young Elite series

The Rose Society

  1. Winter

Part of the Luna Chronicles series


  1. The Winner’s Crime

Book 2 in the Winner’s Trilogy



2 thoughts on “Top Ten YA books you shouldn’t be without this fall 2015

  1. Karen C

    I love fall reading! Thanks for these great recommendations! I have a must-read YA book I just finished called “Convergence” by author Trudie Hayes ( I think this is a book that has it all (science fiction, fantasy, preteen drama, coming of age wisdom, humor, and more!). Three preteens are stressed out about their first day of school but find that there are more important things to worry about when they are exposed to an alternate reality and being in charge of their futures and their destinies. There are a lot of great twists and turns as well as characters that you like and root for from the very beginning. I hope you will check it out! Happy Reading 🙂


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