#BTT – Am I posting too often?

When you start blogging, there is the urge to just go crazy with all your posts


I don’t know about you all but when I started off, a blogger friend of mine said to make sure you have enough content for the first 4 or 5 posts to give yourself more time to write new posts as you go along. This will also allow you to see how your audience is reacting to your initial posts.
I did have enough for my first 10 posts, and I was tempted to post them all in one day…..

But I had to take a step back and view things from a reader’s mindset. What I mean is, you are eager to get your blog moving and also start building your audience and give them something good to read, but there is a danger of posting way too often that can also turn off your readers.

I used to put posts up every 2 days, this I felt gave my readers enough time to read my post/ review digest it and then move onto the next one. I made sure not to do more than one post a day no matter how much I wanted to because let’s be honest with ourselves, your readers probably get over 30 emails a day, chances are that they will only read one of your emails, so why not just make it count with one really good post with great content.

I know I fell off that waggon and went back to posting every other day and almost everyday of the week which I have now concluded is pointless and unachievable for me as I have so many other things to do in a day.
As a blogger, I follow lots of fellow bloggers and I will confess,I delete a ton of emails every other day.

This is because I really don’t have the time to read 5 posts daily from each blog I follow ( I follow over 40 other blogs, I’ll be stuck all day). besides I like to take time to read what other bloggers post because I know they soent time and effort to put that content together, so I want to appreciate it. The easiest way for me to do this is I look at the subject of the post and decide which one I can take my time to digest, read, enjoy and also comment. I always love commenting.

If you find your audience is unsubscribing from your emails/posts then its worth taking a step back and finding out why.  Also here are some things you might want to consider,

– Think about doing a posting schedule to better manage your posts and the timing of them as well.
– Pay attention to your blog stats to find the best time of day & day of the week to put your posts live.
– Test you post frequency by posting once every day vs posting once every 2-3 days and see if your posts perform much better.

Hope this helps and as I mentioned previously drop me a note about any other tips/ questions you might have.

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