How I Feel.

Words can’t express how I feel,

But you cause a peace in me and that how I feel.

Even though we haven’t know each other for a long time,

I feel like I’ve known you for a lifetime.

And because of this, I want to share with you what is mine.

Praying for endless moments when I’m with you,

Supporting you in everything you do.

You’re not just my friend and love, but you’re my partner too

Showing you respect in everything you do.

Loving you through the good and bad,

Holding on to you whether you are happy are sad.

Trying to be the constant in your life

Never letting you down and always stand by your side.

I know people don’t understand what we share

But I really don’t see why I should actually care

Im trying to tell you that to me, this is more than a thrill

And that is exactly how I feel.


©theangelspearl 2015


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