#BTT : How Important is Social Media for Your Blog


Hey fellow bloggers! I wanted to start a new thing where I share some of my blogging tips.

I a not an expert but I do work as a digital marketeer in the real world. Do let me know if you have any blogging questions as I am also learning as I go along.

In this day and age, everyone is connecting with each other on social networks. So as a blogger I think it is pretty important for you to be clued up on the ins and outs of social media.
Some write ups I have read point out that a lot of traffic to your blog is primarily from social media. Obviously, the volume of traffic is dependent on your target audience.

Building your blog audience

I am focusing a lot on book blogs so I believe the social networks to focus on are
Facebooks, Pinterest and Instagram. Some bloggers use Twitter but, we have so much to say that 140 characters are not just going to cut it!

So If you have a book blog and are looking to integrate some social to drive traffic and exposure I suggest these 3 social networks for a start. And if you currently use WordPress (Like I am) it is soo easy to link these to your content sharing schedule.This can be located in the

Settings > Sharing section of the WordPress admin section of your blog.
Share your reviews and content from your blog on your social channels linking back to either publisher of the books you are reviewing or the authors who will, in turn, share your posts and reviews which will gain more exposure.
Some other suggestions for social media exposure
–  Join a twitter chat, it will help you meet like-minded bloggers and build great relationships within your blogging network
– Take part in a Facebook release party, this is when authors run chats and live videos for the launch of their books.
– Take part in blog tours, this will give you more exposure through the blog tour websites and social channels.

Hope this information helps. If there are any questions be sure to let me know.



4 thoughts on “#BTT : How Important is Social Media for Your Blog

    1. I know what you mean, it can be tiring but try to dedicate a little time each week into it. I will definitely hep your blog. I don’t have a facebook page for my blog because I feel like it will be soo tiring but I think the time is coming for me to get it done.


      1. Yeah I have a Facebook page for my blog, my blogposts gets automatically published there, same on twitter. But I don’t use it for more than that. I need to crack the code with social media haha. I find Twitter easier to navigate and find other bloggers than Facebook.


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