Ramblings: 15 things I have learned about #Bookstagram


Hey everyone, I am coming up to my 1 year anniversary from when I joined #bookstagram and I just thought it would be great to share what I have learned so far. Also if you are thinking of joining maybe some of the tips and things I have learned can help you.

1. It is a very welcoming community
Everyone there is lovely and you are bound to make a few good or even great friends that you can share your thoughts or fangirl obsession with.

2. Decide on what is important to you when you join.
What I mean by this is, are you there for the number of followers you can get or just there to make friends…

3. Find your inner theme creativity.
I struggled a lot with finding a theme and even after a year I can’t decide on what it should be. It just shows that my mind is a maze you don’t want to experience.

4. Don’t follow fellow bookstagrammers to gain a follow and then unfollow them later.
This is so uncool, you can’t imagine how annoying this thing is for me and for that reason I really stopped doing shout out for shout outs and instead I just follow accounts that I really love or even accounts that genuinely follow me.

5. Thou shalt not steal fellow bookstagrammers photos
I can’t tell you how much of a no no this is. Trust me you will see the whole BG community come together and take you down. We look after our own that’s for sure.

6. Comment on photos
This is how you make friends and meet other book lovers.

7. Join photo challenges and tags
I won’t lie, I am so super lazy to do this but it is always fun to join in, don’t worry if you don’t start at the beginning just join in where you can.

8. Don’t compare yourself to other bookstagrammers
I won’t lie, I did this so much when I first joined and all it did was make me unsatisfied with my feed and be jealous of other bookstagrammers.
But then I decided to put in more effort with my photos and just keep working at it. I still get feed envy but it only serves to make me do better. Basically, you get out how much effort you put in.

9. Have a photo or posting schedule
I think this will just help you plan your photos better and decide on the best time of day to post your photos. I’m really lazy so I just post whenever I get some free time.

10. It’s quality over quantity
Don’t get frustrated if you can’t post a photo every day or even several photos a day. Look at it as quality over quantity.

11. Use the hashtags available
If you are struggling with the right hashtags to use take a look at other bookstagrammers posts and then select the hashtags you think will work for your post. Don’t be shy to experiment with other ones.

12. Do fun insta stories.
I was a bit skeptical about using it, but its actually really fun since you can just postlots of randomness about your life. I think its way for your followers to know more about you.
13. Show off your bookish merch
Trust me bookstagram made me obsess about owning bookish merch, I still have a long list of what I want to purchase and don’t even get me started on Funko’s. I still haven’t bought one because the floodgates will just be open after that.

14. Rep your bookish merch sellers
Don’t forget to give a shout out to the creators or sellers of your cool bookish merch trust me it helps spread the word in the community.

15. Lastly, it’s always great to cheer on other bookstagrammers.
whether they are going through difficult times or just celebrating show some love for the fellow book lovers. Sometimes all we need is someone to show some care.

My fav Instagram accounts

ig-love15 thinfs


4 thoughts on “Ramblings: 15 things I have learned about #Bookstagram

  1. Love this! I’m sort-of-new to Bookstagram, like I’ve created my account a couple of months back but never really focused my attention to it beyond the occasional posts.

    I’m finding it not very convenient to make friends, but that’s likely because I’m not on it very much and don’t really interact with other bookstagrammers beyond complimenting their photos or answering their captions. I want to, though – there are just so many great accounts out there. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean. I used to be that way at the beginning. It can be a lot of work if you also manage your blog. But maybe just assign an hr a day to it and maybe thatight be ok.


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