Ramblings: Bookstagram Read-a-long


Happy new week friends!!!
So this year I am trying really hard to read the books on my shelves and not buy anything new(I know this will not work). So today I am taking part in a bookstagram read-a-long.
The lovely Kelly (@bookworm_kelly28) and Jacky (@betterwithabookinmyhand) are hosting a Three Dark Crowns read- a- long. Anyone can join so feel free to read-a-long with us.

Here’s what you need to know:
1. It kicks off this Monday, January 16th! and It’s 2 weeks long (ends 30th)
2. Three Dark Crowns is around 400 pages, so we are looking to read 200 pages a week!
3. Look out for discussion questions posted on either Kelly or Jacky’s page on the 22nd and 30th! (I will post them on my blog as well!)
4. Feel free to post your photo’s of the read-a-long using the hashtag: #3DarkCrownsRA.

I really hope you will join the read-a-long!

Happy reading!!!


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