Ramblings : Happy 2017 and Reading Goals


Happy new year! I know it is already day 5 and I seem to be the last person to post anything 2017 related.
I initially wanted to do a post about my best books of 2016 but I think I missed the chance, besides I fell off the reading wagon towards the end of the year so I think we can leave it right there.

Let’s talk goals for 2017…… If you all remember, I failed my 2016 reading goal. I sort off fell into a mood and reading just wasn’t helping so I stopped and now with renewed vigor, I want to try it again.
So this year I will be re-trying my “100” books reading goal.(oh look I’m already behind schedule drat!!)


I am very ambitious this year and I hope to accomplish at least half of the targets and goals I set myself (both reading or other wise)

How many books are you reading this year?

“If you are on goodreads add me as a friend, I really want to also cheer you on as you take on your reading challenge. This year I really want to make more friends in the book world.”

Good luck!!!

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4 thoughts on “Ramblings : Happy 2017 and Reading Goals

  1. Ash Reads

    Just plan on reading 65 books this year. I wasn’t in a reading mood for most of 2016, hoping this is a slightly better year (for books). Good luck with your goal!!

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