Top Ten Tuesday : My Top 10 All Time Fav Fantasy Adventures


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For this TTT I have chosen the Fantasy Genre as this is a fav of mine. Some of the books fall into the paranormal/ Urban fantasy sub-genre but ultimately it’s Fantasy. And I will point out that they are all part of a series…. what else is NEW!

1. Starlight (Dragonian Series) – This is the final book in the dragonian series and even though it felt a bit long and drawn out, it is by far my favorite book in the series. With lots of dragons and magic, what more could I possibly want?

2. Talon (Talon Series) – This book was the one that made me fall in love with Dragons. So I have to give it the most major props.

3. Divergent (Divergent series) – I love this series so much and also this got me loving dystopian stories. Its not really fantasy per se but it is set in a

4. Unspoken (Shadow Falls series) – I do love a bit of paranormal fantasy and this was no exception. I don’t always read about vampires but this series was by far a fav of mine.

5. Angelfall (Angelfall series) – Did someone say Raffe? I love Angels and everything else that comes with it. Especially when they have a savior complex.

6. Bound by Duty (Bound series) – A seriously underrated series that I think everyone should read.

Bound by Duty Cover
7. Old Dog new tricks (Black Dog series) – This author is fast becoming a favorite author of mine as I like her world building and story telling. So obviously this is a fav. It’s book 4 in the series.

8. Angelbound (Angel Bound Series) – This is the first book in the angel bound series and it is the series that got me into the YA genre.

9. Becoming Alpha (Alpha Girl series) – This series made me fall in love with wolves. Actually, after Dragons Wolves are my second favorite mythical creature. My fav book in the series has to be book 1.

10. Bloodmark (Bloodmark series) – Need I say more? More wolves and for me, this is one awesome well-written series.



Now you have seen my ALL Time Favs what are yours? What’s your favorite Genre?


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