September : A Month Dedicated to all things Netgalley


Hiya! It’s been a really fast paced year, and I’m quite close to reaching my reading goal even though I seem to be on a book buying ban at the moment.
As much as I love holding and looking at beautiful books, I tend to prefer reading eBooks. I think it’s the convenience as I get to read it on my phone wherever I am.

That being said, I am a dedicated member of Netgalley and I get at least 80% of my eBooks from there.

Shout out to Netgalley for my newest badge for reaching 100 reviews

Even though I get a huge amount of my books from there I must admit I have not taken great care of my account and so this month and going forward I want to correct this.
Through Netgalley I have had the opportunity to discover some really awesome debut authors and really awesome genres of books.
As a blogger and book reviewer, I am really passionate about discovering new authors and stories because I know that there are so many amazing stories and authors out there especially with the explosion of the YA Genre.
So this September (and for the rest of the year), I am looking to spend more time on the Netgalley titles to help the authors and publishers that took a chance on approving my request to review their title(s) and of course, build up my Netgalley profile.

So let the reviewing begin!

My Netgalley Badges
100 Book Reviews  2016 NetGalley Challenge Frequently Auto-Approved Reviews Published Professional Reader 2015 Challenge Participant


2 thoughts on “September : A Month Dedicated to all things Netgalley

  1. 100 NetGalley reviews are amazing, congratulations! How long have you been suing it for?

    I think I have 15 or something along those lines – I don’t tend to request a lot. It’s definitely rewarding though knowing that when you read a NetGalley book, you’re helping authors and publishers get their books out there. ❤

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