Book Review: Incite (Ignite #2) by Erica Crouch


Release date: 17th February 2015
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Source: Netgalley
Rating: ★★★☆☆


Earth is in ruins, and the war of Heaven and Hell has spilled over into the mortal world. In the frozen wasteland of the apocalypse, Azael and his band of cohorts search for Pen and Michael with orders to kill. Little does he know that his sister has incited a rebel army of her own.

Angels and demons alike stand side by side, ready and willing to fight for a future they didn’t realize they could have. Change doesn’t come easy, though. Pen is wary of joining New Genesis’s revolution, but when Azael shows his hand and Pen learns all that he holds over them, she chooses to fight back, no matter the risk. She only has to survive, one hour at a time.

The Review

I finally finished this book. I really love this series but this book 2 was a bit draggy so I kept putting off finishing it and reading some other books on the side.
Anyway this one picks up from where book 1 ended so if you haven’t read book 1 there will be a few spoilers , and if you want you can read my review of Book 1 here.
So Hell has taken over Heaven and the freeze from hell has spilled over onto earth. The demons have managed to kill off as many angels as they could and those who escaped are now in hiding.
Pen and Michael who refused to fight in the war are on the run as there is a bounty on their heads. Lucifer wants Michael dead before he can freely rule heaven and Azeal wants Pen…… to rule beside him as the king of Hell. In the midst of it Lilith has her own plans brewing in the background. Azeal is now on the hunt for Pen and Michael abd even though he wants revenge for Pen’s betrayal he is still hopeful that she can be saved. Will Pen be able to do what she fears the most?

What did I think? So this book 2 was one big major tease…it was just setting the stage for book 3 in my opinion. It took me ages to finish this book because I was getting bored with Azeal and his delusional thoughts and Pen who cant simply choose what exactly she wants.
In all this I cant help but pity the humans who are casualties in this foolish war for power. I somehow keep waiting for Michael to do something remarkable or fantastic but I guess I might have to wait for book 3 to see if this happens. The missing part of Michaels soul seems to be a major issue that needs to rectified and I am also keen to find out how Michael was released from hell. I do hope the author will uncover all this in book 3 if not I might just loose it.
There are some of the characters that I felt were unnecessary, like Jeremy what exactly am I to make of him? What about Zaphir and the other assassins, they are characters that are easily forgotten that I didn’t bother to remember their names. Im keen to know the real role Gus plays in all this as he has been shoved a lot to the background but I feel like there is so much more he can offer. Lilith seems to be preparing for something and perhaps we will get to find out.
Overall this book was a great entertaining read.


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