Ramblings : 5 Types of Bloggers I Wish I could be


Hey! Its been a while since I did something besides write reviews right? Well in the last few weeks I have had a bit of time to do more breathing and thinking. So maybe you might see more posts like this. I feel like I need to show that there is more to me and my blog besides book reviews…… so I though I’d start with sharing this……..tah dah!!!

Every once in a while I tend to take a step back  and find new blogs out there or just nose around other blogs that I love and wonder why I can’t be more like them. For me here are the 5 types of bloggers I wish I could be like.

1. The Gif Blogger

These are bloggers I tend to envy a lot because, how on earth do they find the right gif for their post? I recently did my first gif blog post and boy did it take me ages of sifting through clips to find exactly what I needed( I gave up a few times). I’m not the most patient blogger and if I can’t find what I need at that time I either forget or never complete that blog post. So for those bloggers who do this on the regular kudos! I really want to be like you and don’t get mad when I post my envious comments in your blog post. Its really all #bloglove.

2. The Quoter

Now these bloggers are the ones I really want to be friends with. Ok, confession time: I can be so bad when reading some books,  I tend to skim read if I feel like I am losing interest in the story. So this means I am missing out on the good portions and quotes in the story. I mean when I see bloggers write up quotes from some books I have read, I am like “when did they say that” I did or do try to take notes when reading books but I get too absorbed too quickly in the story that I forget to write it down. So please teach me about finding the right quotes for my blog reviews. maybe I’m just too impatient for quoting stuff.

3. The Graphic content Expert

Now these bloggers are the ultimate envy for me. I am so super jealous when I see blogs with awesome graphics. I look at mine and I’m like, “yea yours is just crap”. Don’t worry I absolutely love content genius’ as they inspire me to dig deep and be more artistic. So thanks for the inspiration guys. I will live and breathe photoshop for every second of everyday.

4. The Detailed Reviewer

When I started blogging I struggled so much with the best layout for my book reviews. My reviews always just seem like a brain dump, messy and disorganized. But then again that can be very me sometimes (not the messy part). Also, my reviews seem much shorter that most other bloggers. I really tried to write more, I dug deep but later realized that it is not for me. Besides I really like short and sweet reviews so I try my best to write exactly what it is that I will actually read. But sometimes it just feels like I’m not smart enough soI still struggle with my short reviews. But I do love to read the long reviews and hope one day I learn how to write one of those.

5. The Consistent/ Well-Planned Blogger

This for me is an issue I have struggled with. I procrastinate just a bit too much. I have a lot of unfinished projects just because I decided I will do it all tomorrow. I applied this to my blogging and if you notice I have periods of long absences, nope I didn’t have a reading slump or anything I just got lazy to look at my computer screen and do the work. So yes I envy the well-organized blogger who can schedule all their posts for the next month and I do hope that one day I will get there and be that organized.

Hope you enjoyed my post, I would love to hear what you struggle with when it comes to blogging and what type of bloggers are your favorites.

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