Book Review : Summer at Oyster Bay by Jenny Hale



Release date: 9th June 2016
Publisher: Bookouture
Source: Netgalley
Rating: ★★★★☆

“Special thanks to the author and the publisher for this eBook in exchange for an honest review.”

The Review

If you are planning to lay by the beach this summer, this book is the perfect companion.
I love this author and her books always leave me with a huge smile on my face.
The story focuses on Emily, after giving up a life she thought she wanted, she returns to her childhood home in Oyster Bay to spend time with her family and perhaps find herself. She gets a job working at the Water’s edge Inn as the event planner where she meets the handsome owner Charles Peterson. Charles just seems very driven and serious but when he meets Emily he is intrigued by her and the way she handles everything at the Inn. Charles is planning to expand the Inn and so he enlists the help of Emily to convince the council to go ahead with his plans. Emily is happy to help and perhaps she can also show Charles how much Oyster Bay means to her and how the locals live. But when she discovers the plans Charles has to knock down her childhood home it’s up to Emily to do something about it even though it might cost her true love.

What did I think? This is a great book about dealing with grief, family, and starting over. The book had some really great witty moments and some cringe moments where I actually felt shy for Emily.
I really liked the characters in the book as they all seemed to complement one another and contribute a little of something to the whole story.
I though Emily was brave about her engagement, there are so many people out there that make that same mistake and are still not able to make the right decision.
I liked Emily but she was acting a little childish holding on to things and being so super sentimental. But I think if she was more prepared for everything she may have handled it better.
I really liked Charles, although he seemed a little too perfect sometimes but I still enjoyed how he spent time with Emily and her family.
Grams was the best, I was happy to hear a bit of her story as it gave more context to what kind of person she was. I really enjoyed the pace of this book as the relationship between Emily and Charles progressed in a more natural way than most I read about. This of course was a breath of fresh air.
I liked the end of the book, I honestly wasn’t expecting it that way but it put a huge grin on my face. So if you are planning to go away for summer don’t leave without packing this awesome book.


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