Top Ten Things I Love About Blogging


Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by the awesome crew at the Broke and the Bookish.

So I haven’t done one of these in a while because I have been hella lazy but I am determined to not be that way anymore (really????)
So as this week is a freebie I decided to share the reasons why I love blogging so much.
As you may or may not know, I have been blogging for a year and 6 months (what the deuce!) and here we go…

1. I Get to Read Lots of Books
This is my most favouritest (a new word?) reason. I can’t believe how many books I read now and blogging just ensures I have an endless supply of books at my disposal.

2. I Joined Netgalley
This has to be my favorite place to visit almost every day on the lookout for new ARCs to read. Through Netgalley I have discovered a lot of debt authors and new genres that I never thought I would.

3. Meeting Fellow Bloggers
This is also a favourite of mine. I can be lazy to make friends or meet new people but with blogging, you already know much of what you have in common “Books!!!” I have met some really super awesome bloggers and I do hope one day we could meet in person and just have fun with book talks. ( but obviously, we will talk about more random stuff).

4. I Found #Bookstagram
I didn’t care much for social media whenI started blogging and just used  twitter every now and again,  but then I found bookstagram and wow! I love it. Even though I get “Feed envy” every single time it just makes me want to learn more and perhaps be better.

5. I Get to Meet Authors
I get requests from really awesome authors to review their books and even do Q & A sessions which I love (need to do more of them right?). I am looking forward to meeting many more authors because they are the ones who feed my passion for reading.

6. Buying Books
The best part is I have an excuse to buy books. I don’t have shelf space at home anymore but books must be bought because I plan to review them all one day.

7. Fangirling About Characters
That moment you fall in love with a character and you get to seriously fangirl about it to the whole world.

8. I am Growing Creatively
I don’t think a lot of people know what goes into preparing some blog posts or personalizing your blog. It takes some creative genius dammit!
Photoshop is now a good friend of mine and my little Canon 400D.

9. Learning New Things
When I started my blog I found it pretty hard to find resources that could help with how to make my blog look more to my taste. So I really had to learn a lot of things from scratch. It has helped me develop more skills and I am always happy to share this knowledge with other bloggers. I also make it a point to ask other bloggers for tips when I spot something on their blog that I like.

10. I Write Better
Now hold on there, I am still a work in progress. But, I promise you I am getting better with how I structure my blog posts and reviews. My vocabulary is better (I think) and my grammar is getting there. I don’t really intend to become a writer or anything but I do love to share my thoughts.

So what are your top 10 things you love about blogging!


23 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I Love About Blogging

  1. It does take a lot of work to make your blog look nice, especially when you realize you have to consider proper attribution for photos, mobile optimization, etc, etc. Like you, I use photoshop and just create my own graphics/pictures. They might not be top notch, but they’re *mine*.

    My TTT

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    1. Sue, i know how you feel. Im looked at like some super alien because I love reading all the time and talking about bookish stuff. Glad for the book community and people I have met to share this passion with.

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  2. I love your topic this week!! I need to join Netgalley.

    I also enjoy meeting authors and attending book festivals. I attended the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, California earlier this month and was able to meet Sherman Alexie and have him sign three of his books that are in my collection… I’ve also met a couple of other authors this month at book signings.

    I also enjoy blogging as I learn about some great books from other readers that I may not read or learn about if it wasn’t for awesome book reviews left by other bloggers.

    Here’s a link to my TTT post for this week:

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  3. I really loved all your reasons for why you enjoy blogging so much! I’ve just started out and am already getting frustrated/discouraged because there’s more to blogging than I thought, and more things I want to do with my blog that I just can’t right now. BUT I’m still enjoying it! And I plan to stick with it for a long time! And I guess this means I should hop on photoshop so I can create great things that are all my own. Great post!

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    1. Thanks! and welcome to the blogging world. It can be hard work but it is also fun. The community is really supportive and always willing to help.
      if you need any help just hola!


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