Book Review: Blest by Blaise Lucey

blsetRelease date: 15th March 2016
Publisher: Alloy Entertainment
Source: Netgalley


Growing up in a small suburb of St. Louis, sixteen-year-old Jim Blest has always known that he’s different. But he never thought he’d find someone else like him until the beautiful and mysterious Claire Morgan moves to town. When they kiss for the first time, the force of it is earth-shattering—literally. And then everything Jim has ever known suddenly changes.

As it turns out, Claire isn’t like him. He is an angel, and she’s a demon.

At a school where ancient enemies live among humans in a wary truce, Jim, and Claire fight to be together against impossible odds. But a timeless war looms on the horizon, and they stand on opposing sides . . .

From debut author Blaise Lucey comes a breathtaking and action-packed story of heartache, sacrifice, and forbidden love.


The Review

More books about Angels, I am sure you are sick of it by now.
Meet Jim, he is just an ordinary 16year old kid who doesn’t have much. His mom dies when he was young and now all his dad does is drink. It wouldn’t be too bad but he seems to also get bullied in school, did I mention that he is afraid of the dark too?
When Claire and her brother Gunner transfer to his school everything starts to change. Jim can’t believe that Claire would even like him, and on their 16th birthday, something strange happens to them and secrets about his family and what they really begin to emerge.
Jim finds out her is an angel and Claire is a demon, arch enemies that can never be together.
And while there is a shaky truce between the Angels and demons, the arrival of a powerful and dangerous demon into St Louis threatens the peace on earth.

What did I like? I think after this I will take a break with books about winged supernaturals and live in the real world for a bit. This book is a story about sacrifice, deception, manipulation and forbidden love.
I must confess that I really liked this book, I liked it a lot. The plot of the story was sort of like the regular ones, demons trying to take over the world and what not. But I like the delivery of it all. The characters were well written and developed. I liked Jim, he was one of those people that always tries to see the best in every situation. I also liked Claire, she wasn’t too annoying just disillusioned. There was a lot of teenage angst coming from the demons who at every point seemed to be spoiling for a fight. But I guess when you thrive in chaos that’s what you do.
I like how the book ended as it is left open for a second book. I would love to see what happens next in the story as I really enjoyed the author’s storytelling style.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Blest by Blaise Lucey

    1. It didnt completely feel contrived as Claire and Jim seemed to like each other before the so called even that caused them to be Angel and Demon. So nope there was no pretend explanation as to why they fell in love it just seemed like a natural thing. But yes it was pretty coincidental, then again when isn’t it? It wasn’tas cliché as a few books iv read and that was what made it enjoyable for me.

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