The Spirit Heir (A Dance of Dragons #2) by Kaitlyn Davis

The Spirit Heir 2 low resRelease date: 30th October 2014
Source: Netgalley
Rating: ★★★★☆


Drenched in darkness and surrounded by the echo of screams, Jinji waits deep in the dungeons of Rayfort, haunted by the memory of the knife stabbing Rhen, plagued by a foreign voice whispering through her mind. A few floors above, Rhen rests trapped in a coma, about to wake to a changed world—a world where his best friend is a woman, his nephew is the king, and an enemy army surrounds him on all sides.

But human wars are insignificant compared to the darkness gathering unseen. Memories of lives she never lived flash through Jinji’s thoughts, hinting at a past that cannot be repeated. A mysterious phantom visits Rhen, carrying cryptic messages of the future. And somewhere out there, the shadow continues to lurk in silence.

Startled by their altered relationship and tempted by new feelings, Rhen and Jinji must find a way to work together. The fate of humanity rests on their shoulders and the real battle has only just begun…


The Review

This series is actually turning into a really awesome one. I didn’t think I would get soo hooked on it and while I am trying to pace myself I can’t help it. I just have to know what happens next.

The book picks up right where we left off. Rhen’s kingdom and family was attacked and the shadow was about to kill Rhen when Jinji stopped it and got awesomely struck by some super lightening. So usually I would do a very quick summary of the story but this book is just too intricate for me to even do a short summary. There is no way I can exclude spoilers so I will just get on with my verbal rant on what I liked about the book.

This book is just totally amazing. There are soo many layers with a lot happening simultaneously that you can’t help but be sucked into this world that the author has created.

Rhen will finally discover that the young boy he has spent the last few months with is really a woman, that alone sends him into a jumble of emotions, a bit of betrayal but ultimately, attraction and perhaps, just perhaps ……..

I loved the pace of the story, although there were moments with the grey mist leading Rhen down passages that I felt were pointless. Also I guess the Shadow going around and aimlessly attacking the natives doesn’t make too much sense but towards the end it all started to make a bit more sense.  I honestly didn’t want the story to end but I also needed it to move quicker so I can eventually find out what the Spirit is trying to achieve and why the shadow is so angry (Mehn! that is one p****d off shadow).  There wasn’t enough romance for me as I just soo wanted it to be more in the midst of all the death and betrayal and more death.

I liked Rhen a bit more in this book, his strength and loyalty was amazing, and the kind of trust he had for Jinji was like none that actually exists, but it just made me like him even more. And finally we get to see Dragons!!! Did I mention that I love dragons? And yes now the story starts to get even more interesting.

Well onto book 3, I can’t wait to find out how the story ends and if Jinji will do what needs to be done to save the world or would she rather see them all perish. Also will Rhen still trust her and love her once her discovered the secrets she has kept from him?


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