Book Review : Cipher by Aileen Erin

cipherRelease date : 31st October 2014

Publisher : Ink Monster LLC

Source: Amazon

Rating : ★★★★★


In the not-too-distant future, the color of your helix tattoo shows exactly how your DNA was modified—green for super-smart scientists, black for pumped-up warriors, white for the immortal Seligo—but Cipher’s red helix is a death sentence. It’s a sign of unstable DNA, which is probably the reason she can manipulate electricity.

When she was eight years old, Cipher made the mistake of showing her uncle the tattoo. In return, he killed her parents and tried to kidnap her.

She’s been on the run ever since, and twelve long years later, Cipher is tired of hiding. Survival isn’t enough anymore. She wants her life back.

Hacking into the Citadel mainframe is a huge risk, but it pays off when she finds a database on red helixes. Before she can copy it, she loses control of her power, charring her last processor, and the only person in the Arizona Voids that can get her back online is her oldest friend, Knightly. She hasn’t seen him in person since she started running, and Knightly 2.0 is fully upgraded with a six-pack and knee-melting smile.

For a girl like Cipher, trust doesn’t come easily, but Knightly makes her yearn for a life she knows she can’t have, especially when every secret she reveals endangers them both.


The Review

I absolutely love this author and if you have never read the Alpha girls series then I suggest you stop reading this and grab a copy. You will honestly not be disappointed. I didn’t know if I would like Cipher when I started it and I know I put off reading it for quite a while, now I am wondering why I did that as this was just an awesome read. Full of action, conspiracy, betrayal, romance….Wow! and did I mention that Cipher is one bad ass chick?

The book is set in the future where having a helix tattoo signifies that your DNA was modified but also there are few that are born with the unstable red helix which signifies a death sentence. Cipher a super hacker and computer wiz is on the run. She has been running all her life hiding in plain sight from the seligo because of her red helix tattoo. But there there is someone else who is also looking for her but for a completely different reason. Hunter will stop at nothing to find his childhood friend who saved his life and her is working as double agent by the seligo and the shadow ravens.

With her unique ability to manipulate electricity but she just cant seem to control it and its not long before she leaves a trail that have the seligo hunting her again. Hunter who had his DNA modified so he can pair with Cipher so he can help her control her powers now has to find her before the seligo do.

What did I like? Wowzers! This book was just what I needed. Something to keep me turning pages and at the end of my seat. Did I tell you about the action in this book? The author makes sure that every detail is accounted for. I liked the lead characters, especially Hunter. He was just soo cheeky but I liked that about him. His scenes with just him and Cipher were the best, because it really dealt his mojo a blow. Cant wait to read more in this series and find out what happens with him and Cipher. I wont give any more away as the book is just that good.


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