The “What I have been up to” rambling post



Hey fellow bloggers and readers! While I am slowly clawing my way from under a stack of course textbooks, I just wanted to give an update before I flood my blog with a long list of overdue reviews.  I don’t know if anyone noticed I have not really been blogging much in the last 3 weeks except for blog tours which I had already scheduled.

I spent the last 3 weeks writing a 16 page report which mentally and physically drained me. My only source of stress relief was that I got a chance to read a book for every short break I took just to take my mind of the paper. Glad that part is over for now and I can get back to blogging once again.

Sorry If I haven’t responded to any comments or emails, hopefully everything will return to normal now.

So with my rambling coming to an end I just wanted to know if anyone has seen the new Allegiant movie and if you have, to share your views. I have not heard any good reviews about it so it would be great to hear what everyone out there thinks.


2 thoughts on “The “What I have been up to” rambling post

  1. AH good job with that report! I, too, have been drowning under school in general, but I get two weeks (rather, one and a half now O_O) holiday, so I’m going to just schedule a gazillion posts. I haven’t seen Allegiant, it hasn’t come out yet 😀

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    1. Oh there you are! How did the wilderness treat you! Glad you get some time off school work. My course nightmares are beginning again. I will be dreaming of my next report for the coming few weeks. But I have been reading a lot of books with no time to write reviews and 3 days after i read a book I pretty much forget the intricate details about it. Ah well!

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