Book Review: Angels of Moirai (Book 1) by Nicole Salmond

AoMOneRelease date: 3rd May 2015

Source: Netgalley

Rating: ★★★★★


Since man first walked the earth, the Angels of Moirai have watched over them. Born human, they are taught never to feel, never to become attached, and never to become emotionally compromised.

Eighteen-year-old Lila Kingston is haunted by dreams of a mysterious angel. Suddenly the dramas of her broken family and the snobby rich kids at her school fail in comparison to the challenges she must face.

Hailing from the Angels of Moirai, James Taylor has been entrusted with the fate of lives from around the world for over a thousand years. His sole purpose is to ensure every mortal follows their designated path, but when Lila puts that very purpose at risk, he must make a choice—a choice that ultimately leads to the devastating consequences of a love never meant to exist.

The choice was never easy. Those kind of choices never are…


The Review

I could honestly not get tired of reading about Angels and this book was no exception. From the moment I got into the story I was captivated by it. I could read it over and over again and I would still love it.

The story is about Lila, she feels unloved, rejected and mostly transparent to her parents who treat her more like a pawn to better their business decisions. But she is desperately trying to be strong for her sister Hayley.  One day she dreams about a dark mysterious Angel. When she wakes up she thinks she must be losing her mind as she knows there is something familiar about him but she just cant place it. One day the mysterious angel she saw in her dreams shows up at her school and in her class. Soon they get to know each other and one day when James saves her from being attacked by a demon, she discovers that James is an angel who is put on earth to guide humans along their paths and destiny, never to interrupt it but to make sure they follow through no matter what it is. He sometimes knows a little about events that are about to happen but will the knowledge he shares with Lila about who he is lead to his downfall.

What did I Like? As you know I like stories about angels and this one was truly no exception, I enjoyed reading about the characters in the book. I wont lie at some point I kept wondering what the point of the story was and if I was doomed to read about a forbidden high school love story and then BAM!! It all went down!

It is a very clever plot not like one I have read about before and that for me was what kept me going with the story. It started off a little slow but as the story unfolded it just kept getting better and better.

James was just so super awesome, not because he was an angel or anything, his patience and the love he had for Lila was just soothing. I found Lila very annoying, her insecurity and her impulsiveness will teach her a very hard lesson in the story. And you know her heart is in the right place but she just needed to take a step back and think before she acts. Then again I probably would have the same reactions she had. The story is one that reminds you that a forbidden love always has consequences or rather our actions always have consequences/reactions either good or bad.

The book ended on quite a lingering note…. I need book 2 as soon as possible as I need to know where the story will lead to.

A fantastic read that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end.


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