Book Blogger Hop: 15th – 21st January


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Weekly Questions:  If you have a question, fill out the Form. Each blogger with a selected question will get credit during that week’s hop. Remember to keep the questions & answers G-rated for the younger bloggers.

This weeks question was submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews

Question: Do you think you will ever get tired of blogging?

My Answer:

I really hope I never get tire of blogging. So far it has been a year since I started and I can still feel the buzz of blogging like I did on the first day. In face I realised sometime ago that the times i am happiest are when I am reading or blogging. Also blogging has given me the opportunity to meet lots of other blogger who share the same passions I do. I just know if i didn’t start blogging I would never have met these awesome people. So I see more blogging in the future.

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