Book Review : Learning to Live by Kira Adams

leaning to liveRelease date: 11th January 2015

Source: Netgalley

Rating: ★★★★★


Ciera Nelson wants what any other outcast wants, invisibility. If she can just make it through the rest of her year with minor incidents and a head held low she will be able to put the hell hole they call school in her rearview. Unfortunately, life has different plans for her.

Topher Carlson is one of the biggest jocks on campus. All the guys want to be him, all the girls want to claim him. When secrets are uncovered, Topher’s life spins wildly out of control.

They are far from friends when the school year begins, but each will impact the other’s life in ways they never dreamed possible. Can Ciera help Topher realize that popularity and status mean nothing in the real world? Can Topher help Ciera learn the true meaning of living?

Sometimes you have to let go to really live. Sometimes being alive means taking risks


The Review

SO let me be the first to warn you that this is a serious tear jerker. I have felt sad after reading some book s and in most cases shed a few tears but this book in particular broke me down to a  child. I mean I cried so much at the end that all I needed at that point was a hug. The book put a mirror on some emotions that I have kept hidden in my personal vault and it took me a day or so to readjust myself.  To make myself feel better I just had to delve into a new YA book with lots of fantasy as a distraction, I will tell you all about that one later….

As the synopsis states it is a very moving and heart breaking story about Ciera and Topher. High school is such a challenge for Ciera, apart from the fact that she has very few friends she is also being bullied. But she takes it in her stride as all Ciera wants is to do is get through it all and perhaps pursue her dreams for the future, whatever they may be. But life which is sometimes unfair, things don’t go exactly how you plan. And then there is Topher popular rich kid when he discovers a secret in his family his world is turned upside down and in the midst of it all he encounters Ciera. None of them imagined that their lives would cross and soon they cant live their lives without each other. But will the risks that they take be worth it all.

What did I like? Like I said this is a bit of a sad story, although I loved reading every page of this book. Let me confess that I read this book in 6hrs (Yes I’d rather read than sleep..), that was just how good it is. Although I don’t want to read another book like this for a very very long time as it left me emotionally drained. I didn’t like Topher much at the start of the book. he just seemed so self-centred and egotistical, but as time went on he grew on me and secretly stole my hear away. The relationship he and Ciera had was simply perfect, the key things I took away from this book is that never take what you have and the people in your life for granted. Tomorrow is never promised, forgiveness is something we should give freely if not for the offending person, for yourself. Love to the max, don’t be afraid to take the chance on it as in the end you will be happy you tried. This book will linger with me for a long time as it will serve as a reminder whenever I feel like I don’t appreciate what I have. The author did a fabulous job with this story and if you perhaps enjoyed the Fault in our Stars, you will definitely like this.


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