Book Review : Evanescent by Gabriella Lapore

EvanescentRelease date: 10th November 2015

Source: Author

Rating: ★★★★★


“Then it is settled,” Felix declared. “Come hell or high water, when this is all over, at least one of us here will not make it out alive.”

When Bronwen Snow is pulled from her cottage in the middle of the night, she finds herself seeking the help of three mysterious boys who reside in an abandoned castle deep in the hillside. With only a hasty handwritten note and a vague sense of dread to guide her, Bronwen is forced to put her trust in the eccentric and willful Felix Cavara and his eternal curse – immortality.


The Review

I got this as a review request from the author, and as I was looking for something interesting to read I thought this sounded like a good read. What I didn’t expect was a spectacular journey.

The story is about Bronwen ( a strange name right? Apparently of Welsh origin) she is 16 and lives with her grandmother. Life seems so ordinary and all she has to worry about is school and her grades. In one night her world is turned upside down when her grandmother who is a psychic tells her that she has to leave to a safe place or she will die. She tells Bronwen to run until she gets to a castle and she must ask for Felix Cavara who will be able to keep her safe. But what exactly is she running from? Felix is not exactly what she expected but can he and his friends keep her safe?

What did I like? I wont lie I was a bit confused about the story in most places and what I liked was how the author was able to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. The suspense was killing me, especially with the question of why is this thing after Bronwen….. I liked the characters in the book not so much Felix as it took me a while to warm up to him. I felt he was mean for no reason but I guess being alive for that long can make even the nicest person mean. I also enjoyed seeing how the friendship between Bronwen and Felix grew, it was just soo endearing.

I liked Loki, he was just so sweet and even though he has been alive for so long his innocence about some of the things happening was just so cute. The ending was sort of how I expected it to go but also I didn’t want it to end that way (sounds silly right?). It really broke my heart and even to this day the book still lingers in my mind. I love the way the author ended the book , leaving the possibility of a sequel (which I hope might happen) was very happy to end this with no cliff hanger ending (thank goodness!).


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