Book Review : Desire Inc by Zoe Zarani

9780008168131Release date: 26th November 2015

Publisher: Harpercollins

Source: Author


Twenty-nine-year-old Nicole Wenders dedicates her life to growing Desire, Inc, her high-end handbag business in new York City with the help of Leila, her lesbian assistant and best friend. She also owns Close Encounters, an escort business for women and donates the profits to help women in Third World countries. For reasons she has only confided to Leila, Nicole has little use for men, considering them nothing more that sexual accessories. When wealthy and handsome Archer Thorne, who has trusting issues of his own,
walks into her showroom, the sexual attraction is instantaneous. They enjoy each other with great lust, but as they continue to see each other, something like love starts to knock at Nicole’s heart, at the risk of ruining everything.

The Review

I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Let me just say, I have read quite a few erotic romance stories and most have followed the same pattern and can be a bit boring, but I must concede that this one was by far a more realistic story that most. I say realistic in terms of the storyline, the ending of course the steamy content. I won’t lie I think I expected a bit more from the story, I thought stuff from Nicole’s past would pop up and even though Archer’s past came knocking it didn’t add a massive amount to the story. I thought if his ex wanted Archer back she would have done more to fight for him. But also maybe I have read too many books with unrealistic plots. This just seems more realistic I guess. In terms of the characters I did liked Leila although her love life issues just seemed super irrelevant at some point. But I guess it did shed light on the fact that no matter how many times you get hurt in relationships and love you should be grateful for the experience and not sop looking for it. Sharon, the elderly neighbor was also just an extra that I kept wondering about. It was towards the end that I realized why she was even in the story…As for Kelly I really didn’t warm to her, and to be honest I was expecting most of what happened when Archer found out. I loved Boris, his monosyllabic conversations with Nicole were the best part of the book.

I did enjoy the authors writing style, it kind of drew me into the story and I found myself wishing that the story shouldn’t end. I also liked how the book ended, it as left with the possibility of there being a follow up novella or sequel if the author chooses to. And it also didn’t end on a cliffhanger that made me feel pretty pissed off like when I read the last book in the Bared to You series.

So if you was a great romance read with lots of steam, then this is definitely for you.


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