Book Review : Four Weddings and a White Christmas by Jenny Oliver


fourReleased date: 15th October 2015

Publisher: Carina

Source: Netgalley



Welcome back to Cherry Pie Island…the most delicious place to spend Christmas!

Hannah’s holidays are normally spent nibbling chocolate coins with her daughter and praying she’s not too old for a stocking on Christmas morning. But this year, she’s been offered the dressmaker’s job of a lifetime: creating a one-of-a-kind a gown for her friend Annie’s Christmas wedding on the picture-perfect Cherry Pie Island.

Many mince pies and one hot-pink organza dress later, Hannah is set to snuggle back into her old routine…until she discovers that there are three more weddings to come – and not a dress in sight!

Four themes, four brides and four parties spent avoiding chef Harry Fontaine, whose cynicism is as much a wedding day guarantee as confetti and cake. Hannah has her work cut out for her! Yet, with a sprinkling of snowflakes and Christmas magic, it could be that this is the year when miracles really do happen…if Hannah will let them.

The Review

Another fabulous Christmas book to get you in the mood for the season. So before I started this I didn’t know there were other books in the Cherry Pie island series but not to worry this book is simply fabulous on its own.

The story is about Hannah, she is a single mum and lives with her parents but is determined to follow her passion and dream in fashion. She is the town’s resident dressmaker making stunning and also questionable gowns for her clients (at their request). In one instance when she is asked to make a one of a kind wedding dress for her friend she meets Harry Fontain. He is Chef who was visiting Cherry Pie Island and lets just say they didn’t get off to such a nice start. But to be honest Hannah quite enjoys her exchanges with Harry and in most instances looks forward to them. And admittedly Harry enjoys spending time with Hannah, her carefree attitude and simple nature is what he finds really attractive about her. She knows though that Harry will be going back to his restaurant in New York so she knows there can never be anything serious between them. When a mutual friend’s hen party takes them out to New York she is so excited to see Harry and even though it all seems so magical Hannah knows she wants soo much more… but is there enough Christmas magic out there to grant Hannah her hearts desires?

What did I like? I liked the characters in the book. Some of the characters seemed a bit pointless. A good example is her sister and brother and his partner. I can only guess that they featured a lot in the previous books so had to make an appearance here. I liked Hannah mostly for the fact that she did not let her situation as a single mum stop her from chasing her dreams. Also I like that she did not settle for anything but the best. Sometimes we tend to settle for what is in front of us because we think we can’t get anything better. I really liked how the story ended a really nice realistic ending. I loved the way the family spend their Christmas mornings, had me wishing for a Christmas stocking filled with satsuma’s and just random stuff. It just shows that no matter how old you are you can still be super excited like a 5 year old for Christmas morning. For me it also brought home the importance of family at christmas time.


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