Book Review : Old Dog New Tricks (Black Dog #4) by Hailey Edwards

olddogRelease date: 30th July 2015

Source: Netgalley



While Thierry is away, the Morrigan will play. Snatching the crown from her daughter-in-law’s head wasn’t the motherly thing to do, but Thierry doesn’t mind trading the throne in Faerie for the ratty couch in her Texas apartment. The old crow is welcome to it. But ruling one world is not enough. The Morrigan wants an all-access pass to the mortal realm too.

An attack on the marshal’s office leaves Thierry shaken…and Shaw missing. Now the fight brewing since Thierry took up the Black Dog’s mantle has landed on her doorstep, and the only way to save the man she loves is to defend the title she never wanted.


The Review

So if you remember from book 3 we discovered that the Morrigan supposedly killed Rook and is ruling in place of Thierry and apparently it is a plan that has been developed over centuries. And if she succeeds the mortal world will not stand a chance again the Morrigan and Faerie. Also if you remember we discovered that trusty Diode turned out to be Thierry’s dad…. So much juicy drama, that’s why I love this book. But also it seems the Morrigan found a way of getting her claws into Thierry and through that she manages to get into the mortal realm undetected and although she couldn’t get Thierry she took Shaw knowing Thierry will come for him.

Its now up to Thierry and Mac to head back to Faerie and find a way to stop the Morrigan before things get our of control. When they get back to Faerie, they found Rook who supposedly survived but us he there as a spy for his mother or will he decide to help them with their plan.

What did I like? I really liked this 3rd book as it was a time to really get to know Mac who was always talked about in the book. Thierry also got to work side by side with her father and build that bond she always wanted .

This book was full of twists and turns that had me at the edge of my seat for the duration of the book. I refused to sleep until the very last page because the book was just so amazing.

I really liked the ending of the book, it was what I was expecting but it all happened in a different way. Was sad that the series ended and would highly recommend it for all dystopian and fantasy fans.


One thought on “Book Review : Old Dog New Tricks (Black Dog #4) by Hailey Edwards

  1. I saw this one and was really interested but was worried as it was #4 and I haven’t read the first three. Now I am more interested and will have to see about getting the first one to start. 🙂


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