Book Review: Heir of the Dog (Black Dog #2) by Hailey Edwards

heirofdogRelease date: January 30th 2015

Source: Netgalley



Thierry Thackeray is having the worst week ever. Her ex is back in town, death omens are camping out on her mother’s lawn and her estranged father has gone missing. Then there’s the small matter of the High Court requesting her presence in Faerie.

Now the wrong fae has answered her summons, and she’s stuck with a not-so-charming prince who offers to fix all her problems…for a price. She can’t afford to tell him no, but with her luck, she might not survive saying yes.


The Review

Ok, if you haven’t picked up this series to read yet, then you better go out and get it NOW! All I can say is wow you really need to read this book. “Yes the series is that good that i can find better words to describe how awesome it is!!”

So this is book 2 and I wont lie the opening line of it had me disorientated for a long minute because book one ended with her and Shaw getting busy and book 2 opens one year later with her somehow nursing a broken heart and hurt feelings…. Ok stay with me, it will make sense soon.
So, Thierry is out on the field on her own now, no Shaw and the book kicks of with her tracking a troll for a bounty from the conclave. But when she summons the Morrigan, (supposedly a fae that clears up any left over mess and bodies) she realizes that this is not her but her son. She doesn’t think much of it but finds it odd that the Morrigan will let her son collect the remains on her behalf. Later that day when she returns to the conclave office she realizes that Shaw is back in town and he doesn’t look like he is in good shape. Shaw then goes on to reveal that he can’t feed from anyone else except Thierry. Just read the book it will make much more sense. As a Succubus it is known that they are very faithful fae.

With more leads on a case they were working on they decide to share the case and the bounty. Its not ideal but Thierry has missed working with Shaw and they soon find a rhythm like back in the old days. But soon strange things start to happen, there are crows following her and Thierry can’t seem to shake the niggling feeling that the Morrigan’s son Rook is behind it all. When she finally is standing face to face with him she gets the chance to ask all the questions she needs answers to but Thierry mother is missing, and surprise surprise the Morrigan’s son just might have something to do with it. He offers to help get her mother back by going to faerie to negotiate for her freedom. Thierry views this also as a chance to meet maybe her estranged father who has also gone missing.
Its now up to Thierry to find a way to recuse her mother and find her father to take her place as tribute for maintaining the peace that has reigned in faerie for the last century.
What did I like? So I am loving this series more and more with every page and every book. This second book was just epic, the author did a great job with world building when it came to faerie. The story took so many awesome twists and turns that I just could not get enough of the book. This is probably one of my favorite YA series I cant wait to read the rest of the series. I really liked Mia although she could sometimes be pretty annoying and quite the spoiled diva.
This particular book did not focus a lot on Shaw so maybe we will get to see where things will lead in series. I wanted to like Rook and maybe give him a chance but his deception was just a bit too much that I could not blame Thierry for the way she felt towards him. Also lets see if daddy dearest will come to her rescue. On to book number 3 please!


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