The Twelve Books of Christmas TBR List

In the spirit of all that is Christmas I decided to start an annual tradition and do a Christmas TBR list.

So every other day in December I will do a review of a Christmas themed book.

I know what you are thinking, they are all about romance and sucking face… why yes of course and can I add full of Christmas cheer.

I hope the list will inspire you to read along or even better grab a copy.

*The eBooks listed are available via Netgalley* or get them for as little as 99p from Amazon.


  1. Never Kiss A Man in A Christmas Jumper
  2. What Happens at Christmas
  3. The Twelve dates of Christmas
  4. Bella’s Christmas Bake Off

lilaceverafterchristmas misltfour

  1. Christmas at Lilac Cottage
  2. Christmas Ever After
  3. Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses
  4. Four weddings and a White Christmas

big fathundredCarolecarringtons

  1. My Big Fat Christmas Wedding
  2. One hundred Christmas Proposals
  3. The Chocolate Lovers Christmas
  4. Christmas at Carringtons

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