Book Review : Third Time Lucky (Oxford Blue Series Book #3) by Pippa Croft


Release date : 9th October 2014

Publisher : Penguin

Source: Netgalley

Rating: ★★★★★



It’s the start of the Easter holidays and Lauren Cusack should be heading back to Washington before her final term at Wyckham College, Oxford. But this call changes everything. Her relationship with impossibly handsome aristocrat Alexander Hunt has been turbulent, passionate and addictive. Lauren knows she needs to walk away, but as she now rushes to his side she knows she will be sucked back into his world. And sure enough, Alexander – even a seriously injured Alexander – is an intoxicating cocktail Lauren cannot resist and despite everything that is sent to thwart them – and with Alexander there is drama at every turn – she finds herself happier than she’s ever been. But as her final term races by, and she is offered the perfect job back in Washington whilst Alexander is tied to his Estate, the impossibility of their romance hits home.


The Review

Let me start of by saying, that was an awesome cliff hanger from book 2 right? Wow had me so anxious and impatient. I just had to get into book 3 and find out how it all turns out.

Can I also add that there was really not much need for this 3rd book. As I have seen with a lot of these trilogies, by the time book 3 comes along, there really isn’t much to tell as all the juicy drama happened in the previous books.

Anyway, Capt Hunt has been hurt and off Lauren goes again to his side. Little does she know she is about to get sucked back into Alexander’s world once again.

When he is well enough to go home Lauren decides to stay and lend a hand and soon she is unable to return home for the holidays because she is nursing Alexander back to health. But the drama just never seems to end for them, Valentina is still out to win back Alexander and will do what ever it takes to get break up Lauren and Alexander. But thats not all she has to deal with, how will she explain her relationship to her parents?

With exams around the corner Lauren starts to think about her future and where it might lead as she is not absolutely sure about where things with her and Alexander are going. And to make it harder she has just been offered her dream job back in America, will she choose it or will she stay with Alexander?…..

What I liked? Well I liked that it had a more realistic end to it. I really wasn’t expecting the ending as I thought it would be quite predictable, you know the happy ever after story.

What didn’t I like? Well there was soo much in this book that I considered a waste of time. I kept flipping pages as I was getting bored, especially towards their exam periods and writing exams. I feel like a lot of it was put there just to fill the pages.

Overall a fabulous end to the series! I loved this one and would definitely recommend it. But be warned that it is a very addictive series. You will want a Hunt of your own.


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