Top Ten series that I cannot get enough of

Top Ten T

Top Ten Tuesday is an original meme created and hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.

This is my very first top ten Tuesday and so here it goes

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  1. The Selection series – Even though I was late to the party with this awesome series I just couldn’t get enough of it once I started it. I know most people didn’t quite get with the story but I always love a good heroine and a happy ending.
  2. Angel Fall series – This particular series got me hooked on wanting to read more books about Angels and the supernatural. A truly addictive series.
  3. Alpha Girl series – This is by far my favourite series or 2015, even though it went as far as 5 books, I still didn’t want it to end.
  4. Angelbound series – A bit of fun with hard core action fighting ghouls and demons.
  5. Divergent series – Need I say more about this one?Series Banner 2
  6. Fire Born Series – A very intricate and addictive series.
  7. The Talon Series – Dragons in a modern day world? Yes please
  8. No Weddings Series – The best romance series I have read. And what is even more fun is that you can read each book independent of the others.
  9.  This Man Series – You know I can forget to throw in a little bit of erotica. This steamy series left me wanting to be in Jessie cloud nine all day.
  10. The Raven Boys series – I absolutely love, love, love this series. The fact that I just stumbled on it made it that much more of a treasured find.

You know about mine, so what are your favourite series?


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