Book Review: Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire by Sophie Ranald

The Frog princeRelease date:17th December 2014

Publisher:Create Space Publishing

Source: Netgalley



On paper, Will Turner seems like the ideal man: he’s gorgeous, has a GSOH and looks great in a pair of Marigolds. Oh, and his tech start-up has made him rich beyond his wildest dreams. So why can’t he find the perfect girlfriend?

Stella’s just moved in with Will’s best mate Julian, and she’d love Will to settle down too, ideally with a New Best Friend for her. She persuades him to try online dating – but there’s a catch. Will has to go undercover and pretend to be an average, hard-working bloke. He’ll do the big reveal only when he’s found Ms Right.
What could possibly go wrong?
While Will encounters ticking biological clocks, YouTube pick-up artists and a cat called Muggle, Stella’s own fairytale isn’t working out quite as she imagined. Is her heart really in the right place? And has she left it too late to kiss her prince?


The Review

I was looking for something a bit light hearted to read and picked this book up. Once I started it, it felt like a Bridget Jones type story told from the perspective of the key character Stella. I just want to also point out that I absolutely loved Stella in this story. Her wit and personality kept me wanting more and more.

So one night when Stella was out with her friends in London a but tipsy and trying to climb the lions in Trafalgar square she meets Julian. They immediately hit it off and Stella believes she has met the “one”. Julian however lives in Canada and so had to leave but they kept in touch a bit of a long distance relationship. Fast forward 6 months and Julian gets a job in London so Stella also up and leaves her life in Edinburgh to move to London to live with Julian. For Stella it was the start of everything she ever dreamed of and desired and as a woman I could relate to how she was feeling. Stella then meets Will, Julian’s best mate, Will has everything he could want except the right woman in his life. And so Stella makes it her mission to help Will find the right woman as she also loves to play match-maker. But Will must pretend to be an average hardworking guy in order to find the right woman for him. But Stella’s dream relationship is not going according to plan. She is having trouble finding a job and Julian is acting funny now and again which makes her feel less than appreciated.

So let me stop myself and not give away much more of the story. It is just a lovely quirky story that will put a smile on your face. Like I said I loved Stella, her comments and wit make her simply loveable. The story made me also pause and reflect on the fact that people aren’t always what they seem. For her Julian seemed perfect until she started to see different sides to him and she began to wonder if she made the right choice. I liked Will and I also liked the way the story ended, it wasn’t as predictable as I thought it would be. This to me is a perfect summer read. I wish it could be a movie, trust me it would be amazingly awesome on the big screen.


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