Book Review: The Blind World(#1 Brimstone Series) by M.C Rohweder


Release date: 10th July 2015

Source: Author



Miranda Schaffer just wants a little freedom for the start of college. Having convinced her parents to let her live in the house left to them by her great-aunt Janine, she’s excited. That is, until her classmate, Cole, tries to convince her that the house is one of the tools needed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to raise Hell.

Cole identifies himself as a Guardian, whose sole purpose in life is to prevent the gateway to Hell—supposedly Miranda’s basement—from falling into the wrong hands. Miranda brushes off his concerns, thinking he’s crazy.

On top of that, the cute real estate agent interested in the house is, according to Cole, one of the Four Horsemen, and she should stay away from him at all costs. That’s easier said than done when she can’t get him out of her head.

Will her indecision leave her with Hell to pay?

The Review

I got this book in exchange for an honest review and to be honest I never give negative or bad reviews because I know its not easy to be an author. But I believe once you read my review and perhaps you read the book yourself you might understand my review.

This story is about Miranda, she is about to start college and is about to move into her late aunts house. But there is one problem, the house is situated in a place that is needed for the 4 horsemen to raise hell to earth. She then meets her clumsy but slightly good looking classmate Cole who claims he is a guardian and tries to explain this to Miranda. She is having a hard time believing all of this and kinda brushes it al off because she also has her eyes on the really hot estate agent who keeps coming around. She is starting to develop feelings for him too and it all feels so right so definitely Cole cant be right. Until events start to unfold and Miranda starts to wonder if she has made a mistake by not listening to Cole and al the warnings.

What did I like about the story? To be honest the plot of the story was a good one. I kinda understood most of it from the onset and was really looking forward to how it would develop.

What didn’t I like?

Where do I start, the characters were annoying. I found Miranda insufferable; to me she seemed aloof and immature. I had to really calm myself to keep reading the book because I wanted to give up a few times. The story was dragging almost all the time, it almost as if there wasn’t much to write about even though the story had soo much potential. I kept waiting for an epic scene, some fighting, some magic just something but it really never came and that made me pretty disappointed. There aren’t many books I come away from wondering “What di I just read?” but this was one of them. I believe there are more books to follow, don’t really thing I will bother with the rest but I urge you to read it and give your own opinion. Write me I would love to hear about it!


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