Review: Flight by Charlene Moncrief


Release Date: 11th February 2015

Source: Netgalley



18 year-old socialite Camille Vanderhale’s life is not going the way she had planned. Her days are normally spent attending one vapid social event to another. Ballroom galas, charity auctions at the Met and afternoon tea with New York’s elite is how she spends most of her time. The Vanderhales are American Royalty and she is the perfect gilded princess. Between her countless social obligations, and watching over her partying 16 year-old sister and best friend, Noelle, her path is clear and her destiny certain.

But Camille’s perfectly predictable life is turned upside down when she develops supernatural abilities, abilities she can’t explain. It’s a secret Camille has to keep safe, even from Noelle.

All of that confusion is brought to a halt when she meets a mysterious stranger, Xavier Williams. His unusual sense of calm and tranquility stills the storm that is her life. But Xavier’s got his share of secrets too, secrets that are going to affect her in ways she never imagined possible.  Unfortunately for Camille, developing these superhuman powers isn’t her only problem. The history books she studied in school about the birth of our nation, and her family’s role in it, couldn’t have prepared her for the truth: the Vanderhales are part of a century’s old secret society consisting of America’s most prominent families, with dark intentions and even darker secrets hidden in their history. All that Camille’s ever known, all that she’s ever believed in, has been a lie. Camille must make a choice – choose the path that has been destined for her and continue her family’s legacy, or choose the path less certain. Either decision could cost her greatly, maybe even her own life.


The Review

There is just something about stories involving angels that draws me in and when I read the synopsis for this story I just couldn’t help myself. I don’t really know what I was expecting but I honestly wasn’t disappointed.

The story opens with Camille getting ready for the biggest school function of the year and she gets a call about her sister Noelle being drunk. Soon she Camille is to the rescue to help her sister as she always does. All he like all she has known are her social obligations as dictated by her family, the Vanderhale rules and social status. But all that changes when she meets Xavier. He is different from anyone she has ever met and when she is with him she feels at peace and she somehow also feels connected to him. This of course does nothing to help the strange dreams that Camille keeps having, and she tells herself everyday that it is not real. Camille has a secret…… she can float. But she doesn’t tell anyone about it until one night when she discovers the truth of who Xavier really is. This slowly leads to he finding out the truth about her family. Camille has to make a decision soon or her future could be very dark.

I really enjoyed reading this book, it was nice seeing the relationship between Xavier and Camille unfold. I must admit it was going so well I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. There were twists and turns I kind of predicted although it took a while for it to happen. The pace was a bit slow especially when Camille found out more of how she was changing, I though spending all that time hiding was just a waste of time but that is just me. I needed to book to move at a faster pace. I really liked Xavier, he is truly someone who was trying to not repeat past mistakes devoting himself to helping people , I wish people could be like that in real life.

Overall it was a great book was sad when it finished as I really want to find out what happens in the second part of this


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