Bruja by Aileen Erin




Release date: 12th May 2015

Publisher: Ink Monster

Source: Netgalley

Rating: ★★★★★


Claudia De Santos has always looked out for every witch but herself. She fought from the shadows as her coven turned dark, and with a little help from her half witch/half alpha werewolf cousin, Tessa, Claudia is doing everything she can to keep her friends and family in the light.

Now the coven has splintered into two factions: Luciana’s army of witches wielding dark magic, and Claudia’s few stragglers who fight with the wolves. War is coming, and it won’t be much of a battle if Claudia can’t find the spells to counteract Luciana’s demonic power.

The answers lie in ancient magic, and Claudia must journey to Peru to rediscover what the Inca mages knew. Fighting evil will require a pure spirit, but her quest is full of temptations, including a handsome Peruvian guide with secrets of his own.

As she struggles to gain the knowledge her friends will need in the coming battle, conflict rages in Claudia’s heart. Following through with her arranged marriage could bring hope and more allies to the side of good, but at the cost of her own happiness. Should Claudia stay on the same path of duty she’s always walked or risk it all—her life and the futures of all brujos—for a chance at something more?


The Alpha girl series has easily become my favourite YA series for 2015 and I promise this new one is no exception. The story picks up from where last book ended. Claudia and some of the Bruja have left Luciana and are seeking refuge with the wolves at St Ailbe’s but that does not really mean that they are free from Luciana as the bond she still has a hold on all the witches that lived in the compound. Claudia has to make a decision about finding a stronger white magic that can defeat Luciana and all the dark magic.

And now she has to move quickly as her twin brother Raphael has been poisoned by a demon sent by Luciana. With the help of Muraco, one of the seven she goes all the way to Peru to seek out whatever is left of the white magic from the mages. She also has to deal with her creepy ex fiancé who decides to follow her and is apparently hassling her about getting married. Lucky for Claudia she has a gorgeous Peruvian Were called Luca that is looking out for her and is also acting as her guide while she searches for the mages and white magic. And even though all Luca does is act as her guide they both cannot deny that there are some feelings brewing between both of them. While Claudia is trying desperately to focus on getting the white magic and saving her brother, will they be able to do it all in time as Matteo and the black mages are trying desperately to stop her as they have other plans for her.

I really thought this series couldn’t get any better than other book but this part of the story was just as fun and exciting to read. The author does a fantastic job of keeping you drawn into the story that you can’t help but just love it. I loved Luca in this book, I thought only Dastien was amazing but Luca is in a league of his own, his character oozes a level of maturity and passion…. See talking about his as if he is an actual person. The book flowed at a great pace that I actually felt sad when the book came to an end. I cant wait for the next part in this series just thinking about it makes me super excited.

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