Things I wish I could say to my younger self.

No I didn’t just turn 30 or any great milestone age and no I also did not wake up suddenly with an epiphany of how to become a millionaire overnight. Over the last few years there are just certain things I wish I had know that would have made my journey in life a little less bumpy. 1442478_31083828

  1. It’s ok to be different, embrace it years from now you will be glad that you did.
  2. Not everyone you meet will like you, but that’s ok because you will also not like everyone you meet.
  3. Love your self inside and out. Don’t worry that they make fun of your nose or your skinny frame it is who you are embrace your uniqueness.
  4. Learn to speak a language. It might seem tedious but it will be an asset in the future.
  5. Learn to play an instrument, one day you will sing for God and it will be of great use to you.
  6. It’s ok to be by yourself now and again, you will later discover that your own company is the best by far.
  7. God never designed you to fall in love with only one person. So don’t be afraid to love again and again and again…..
  8. Some of your loved ones will pass away, but don’t worry they are in a better place. Don’t be selfish let them be free.
  9. If that man wants to walk out of your life, let him leave. You are better off without him anyway.
  10. Friends and people in general will disappoint you period. Don’t feel too bad its something that is bound to happen.
  11. Your siblings are your best friends. Keep them close.
  12. Your imagination is unique and amazing. Never stop daydreaming.
  13. Procrastination is a crime. You can’t reclaim lost time, Do it now!
  14. You will make lots of mistakes but its ok, tomorrow is always another day to make things better
  15. No matter how bad it seems it is going to work out just fine.
  16. Walk your own path. Don’t ever think you are better than anyone else.
  17. Don’t lie, not even to yourself. You seriously can’t keep track of them.
  18. Don’t base yourself worth on what people around you think or say. 9 times out of 10 they don’t have a clue what they are talking about.
  19. Pick your battles and learn when it is time to walk away.
  20. Finally this is the most crucial of all, always give Love you might not always get it back but that’s ok too.


photo credit – Dean Smith


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