The Object of my Obession (Part 1)

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 13.10.03Its dark, I’m running, I’m panting

All I can hear is my heart beat pounding

The silence that envelops me is deafening

Once again I am standing in that spot all alone

My throat is raw from calling out your name

I am tired; I have decided to give it all up

I am hollow, I am hurting, I am sad, I am hopeless

I hug myself to stave off the cold slowly taking hold

I am motionless, emotionless, breathless…

All I need is that final release when I become lifeless.

You stand away from me in the darkness

But I can still see your smile, those lips and their smugness

Will we ever get to stand together in the sun

To enjoy this human experience as it really should be done….

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