Power Games by Victoria Fox

Rating 4 out of 5 Stars



Publisher : MIRA

Release date : 4th July 2014

Source : Netgalley

SEVEN INFAMOUS CELEBRITIES The most exclusive invitation of the year has been issued; the supermodel, the thief, the senator, the heiress, the paparazzo, the pop prince and the playboy board a private jet. Destination: paradise. SEVEN DEADLY SINNERS Someone is watching. Someone who knows the dark secrets and the wicked reputations lurking beneath their glamorous facades. When it comes to revenge, knowledge is power. Vanity, pride, lust, greed – whatever their crime… ONE PUNISHMENT FITS THEM ALL No one sees the plane go down, but everyone knows who was on board. Seven notorious passengers, on an island that does not welcome visitors. The challenge is to survive. Let the power games begin.


What I love most about Victoria Fox books is the glamour, the Hollywood lives and the scandal that goes along with it and Power games is certainly not an exception.

The book follows the lives of 7 key characters, no make it 8.

The story open with these 7 characters on a plane that is about to crash, there are screams and suddenly everything goes black. Did they survive? Or how many of them will survive? We then go back to a few months ago to understand how all the characters go to be on this plane that crashed.

There’s Kevin chase, singing superstar loved by all his fans , a spoiled brat, then there is Angela Silvers, the only daughter of the Business mogul Donal Silvers who just wants to prove to her brothers and her dad that she can run the family business and can carve her own way in life. There is Tawny Lacelles, who escaped her past, a pretty face but a not so pretty attitude to match, Eve Harley the journalist that will stop at nothing to find the next best story, Mitch Corrigan a politician with conspiracy theories, Celeste with effortless beauty and an eye for valuing art but also a bit of a kleptomaniac. Jacob the businessman and playboy who must have a taste of every beautiful woman with a souvenir to add.

The the 8th character is Voldan Cane, a man who is now wheelchair bound thanks to a failed suicide attempt. He mourns the loss of his son Grigori who also died at the same fate, but then he finds Grigori’s journal and decides to avenge the hurts his son suffered at the hand of people he met in his life. Will Voldan succeed in avenging his son?

The first 30% of the book was a bit slow for me as I know it was a lot of character development but I found most of it to be a drag. I was losing interest fast but knew there was soo much more coming up. Once you get past that the book takes off. The plane crashed, how many survivors were there also if they survived do they know where they are? Most importantly will anyone come for them? How will they survive? This is a story about how these characters all come together to try to survive hoping to be rescued. I found the revenge Voldan wanted to inflict as painless but with the painful loss of a son, you will look to blame someone for it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it had me laughing and also feeling sad, I really liked Kevin chase, he made me laugh especially when he could no longer take his vitamins. It was also a perfect end to the book made me smile.

I recommend this book if you’re looking for some awesome storytelling and scandal and lots of glamour.

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