The Pleasure Principle by Jane O’Reilly

Going by the title of the book you already know where this is heading right? How ironic that my first read for 2015 was some random steamy title. This title will be available for purchase from the 30th of January so keep an eye out for it. This is just one of those titles that you already know what it is going to be about. This is a Carina title, and usually they are feel good love stories with the usual happy ending which from time to time I like to indulge in, It lets me escape from the fact that real life doesn’t often function in this way.


Rating – 3 out of 5 stars 

An education…When it comes to sex, shy and awkward Verity is as reluctant as a virgin. So imagine her horror and shame when her ex reveals her inadequacies to the internet? To prove that she’s not frigid, as claimed, she’ll sleep with the very next man she sees! So when her boss, Cal Bailey, a man completely confident in his own sexiness, invites her to one of his legendary parties Verity leaps at the chance.


So the story is about Verity, a 6 foot twenty something year old woman who lacks self-confidence. This is only made worse when her so-called ex boyfriend chooses to reveal to an online community how bad she was in bed. Then this hottie or rather her boss that is a hottie (Cal) invites her to a party at his house. To prove she isn’t that much of a prude she decides to go and have some fun. This all goes pear-shaped as the party is a bit more than she anticipated. Lets just say that there is more to parties that just good company and laughter.

The book overall wasn’t too bad. My only thing with these titles are that they soo not in line with real life so I have difficulty tying it to reality. But if you want a steamy read, yes this is for you. It is filled with some interesting takes on arousal and kinky stuff although nothing that hasn’t been written about before. If you want something short and sweet then this is for you. I read this in 2 days and that is only because this was an in-between book. There isn’t much in terms of character development but it seems Jane O’Reilly has a really great writing style that makes you come back for more of her books.

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